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Creator of Desperate Housewives has written a letter in defence of Felicity Huffman amid her college admissions scandal case, according to Us Weekly.

Marc Cherry is one of 27 people who have written letters backing up the actress, detailing how one Desperate Housewives star had 'big behavioural problems' and caused tension on-set among the cast.

We're not entirely sure how pointing out another actress's behavioural issues excuses Huffman's illegal scheme to doctor her daughter's university entrance exams, but whatever…


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Cherry’s letter detailed how one actress was obnoxious and rude to cast members but 56-year-old Huffman refused to stoop down to her level.

The hit show also starred Eva Longoria, Terri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Nicollette Sheridan, and ran from 2004 until 2012.

The showrunner wrote about the unnamed actress:

"She was a big star with some big behavioral problems. Everyone tried their hardest to get along with this woman over the course of the show. It was impossible."


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57-year-old Cherry praised the way Huffman handled the actress’ troublesome attitude as a testament to her character.

"Things went from bad to worse. Felicity still insisted on saying “Good morning” to this actress, even though she knew she wouldn’t get a response," he claimed.

"I found out about this and asked Felicity about it. She smiled and said, “Just because that woman’s determined to be rude, doesn’t mean she can keep me from being polite”."

Cherry's statement comes after Eva Longoria wrote a letter on Huffman’s behalf claiming she was ‘bullied’ and ‘tortured’ by a colleague on set. (It's rumoured to be Teri Hatcher).


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 The John Wick actress wrote:

"There was a time I was being bullied at work by a co-worker. I dreaded the days I had to work with that person because it was pure torture. Until one day, Felicity told the bully, “enough” and it all stopped."

She added: "Felicity could feel that I was riddled with anxiety even though I never complained or mentioned the abuse to anyone. ‘I know I would not have survived those 10 years if it wasn’t for the friendship of Felicity."

Huffman pleaded guilty in May to paying $15,000 for someone else to sit her daughter’s university entrance exams, and is now awaiting sentencing.

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Arthur Collins has been found guilty of carrying out an acid attack in a London nightclub earlier this year.

According to witness reports, Collins, who was in a relationship with TOWIE star Ferne McCann, doused fellow revellers in the corrosive liquid in a Dalston nightspot.


Collins, who recently became a father when Ferne gave birth to his daughter Sunday on November 2, admitted he had thrown liquid on the night in question, but claimed he thought it was a date rape drug.

Collins maintains that he took the liquid off two men in the nightclub, who he claims were planning to put it in a female reveller's drink.

The 25-year-old maimed more than a dozen members of the public during the attack on April 17.


I thought today would be the perfect day to tell you all her name…meet Sunday

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21-year-old Andre Phoenix, who was on trial alongside Collins, has been cleared of all charges against him

Collins has been convicted of five counts of grievous bodily harm with intent and nine counts of actual bodily harm against 14 people.

According to Sky News, Collins will be convicted on December 19.


Former Glee actor, Mark Salling, pleaded guilty to the possession of child pornography in a Los Angeles court, yesterday afternoon.

The 35-year-old now faces between four and seven years in prison and has been ordered to pay $50,000 to each victim.

He must also register as a sex offender, and will be supervised for 20 years upon his release.

The actor was first arrested for the possession of child pornography in December 2015, after investigators found thousands of images on his laptop and hard drive during a search at his LA home.

It's understood Salling pleaded guilty to “one felony count of possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor.”

In 2016, Mark's ex-girlfriend and Glee co-star, Naya Rivera, admitted the charges against him didn't come as a huge surprise.

"He was always just a very dark soul to me," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"I always felt like there was something that he was wrestling with."

The actor played bad-boy Noah “Puck” Puckerman on the successful Fox musical series Glee, from 2009 to 2015.



A man has been found guilty of possessing explosives with intent to endanger life or property.

The verdict was made after after Nadeem Muhammad, 43, was found to be carrying a pipe bomb when attempting to board a Ryanair flight to Italy at Manchester airport.

The device was found in his hand luggage.

Mr Muhammad sobbed in the dock at Manchester Crown Court after hearing the verdict on his charges, according to The Guardian. 

Security officers discovered the homemade device on 30 January.

The device was reportedly created using masking tape, batteries, the tube of a marker pen, pins and wires.

The device was smuggled in the zip lining of his suitcase.

Mr Muhammad claimed he had never seen the device before. 

After an initial detainment, he was released and allowed to board another flight to Italy after security officers originally thought that the device was not a viable bomb. 

'It is clear that the consequences, had he been successful, could have been disastrous,' said the Crown Prosecution Service's Sue Hemming.

He will be sentanced on August 23. 



A subsidiary company of Disney has pleaded guilty to two criminal charges after Harrison Ford broke his leg while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While filming the movie in 2014, the actor was crushed by a hydraulic door on the set of the Millennium Falcon at the Pinewood Studios in the UK.

Harrison had to be air-lifted to hospital and underwent surgery on his leg, after the prop, that supposedly weighs as much as a small car, trapped him.

Filming on the set of Star Wars had to be postponed for three weeks due to the incident.

According to the BBC, the UK's HSE tired to incriminate the production company with four criminal charges, but Production Ltd only pleaded guilty to two Heath & Safety charges at Aylesbury Crown Court today.

Sentencing will take place on August 22.


Well, this is just bad news for any of those questionable vegetarians in your life.

A survey from Voucher Codes Pro asked 1,789 vegetarians about their meat-hating habits and it revealed some interesting facts.

Close to one third per cent of vegetarians asked had admitted to eating meat when they’ve been drinking.

Of those questioned, 39 per cent admitted to snacking on a kebab when they were under the influence. What about the other 61 per cent you ask?

They are not entirely guilt-free either, 34 per cent have revealed they opted for a burger instead.

Interestingly, 27 per cent of vegetarians have confessed their love of bacon. Meanwhile, another 19 and 14 per cent confessed they love fried chicken and pork sausages.

“I think it’s important for friends of these ‘vegetarians’ to support them when drunk and urge them not to eat meat as I’m sure they regret it the next day,” said the website founder.

Strength in numbers, you guys!

However, one of the most interesting news to come from this survey was that vegetarians don’t always enjoy their mighty meaty splurges.

Almost 70 per cent of those surveyed revealed that they would never tell anyone when they fall of the veggie wagon the next day, even close friends, because they are so ashamed.

Well, meat-eaters and veggies alike may have that in common.



Look, we know we should save all our money for a rainy day and all that jazz – but sometimes, you’ve just got to splurge. And there are times when you shouldn’t feel one bit guilty over your big spend, for example:

A once in a lifetime holiday
Sometimes, a last minute deal just isn’t good enough. You’ll regret not spending the money to go on a really amazing holiday when you’re older and don’t have the time to go anymore. So get rid of that guilt – it will be worth it!

A good, winter coat
We don’t mean to sound like your mammy here, but if you invest in a good coat, it could last you years. Try and get one that isn’t too trendy though – you want something with lasting style.

A computer
Going cheap on a computer or laptop may come back to bite you in the behind when it suddenly decides to crash and your whole life is gone forever (ok, so we’re being a tad dramatic, but still!). Forking out an extra couple of hundred on a computer with plenty of memory and a good processor is definitely worth it in the long run.

Your car
If you don’t live in a city, chances are you rely on your automobile a hell of a lot. That’s why it’s important to look after it. If you’re buying a new car, and you don’t know a lot about cars yourself, ask someone who does to come along with you. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option, as you’ll end up spending more money getting it fixed when it breaks down every other month. Not good.

A really nice pair of shoes, and a dress to match
Investing in a good quality pair of shoes or dress is never something to feel guilty over. Looking good is part of feeling good after all, so leave the guilt at home!