Look, we know we should save all our money for a rainy day and all that jazz – but sometimes, you’ve just got to splurge. And there are times when you shouldn’t feel one bit guilty over your big spend, for example:

A once in a lifetime holiday
Sometimes, a last minute deal just isn’t good enough. You’ll regret not spending the money to go on a really amazing holiday when you’re older and don’t have the time to go anymore. So get rid of that guilt – it will be worth it!

A good, winter coat
We don’t mean to sound like your mammy here, but if you invest in a good coat, it could last you years. Try and get one that isn’t too trendy though – you want something with lasting style.

A computer
Going cheap on a computer or laptop may come back to bite you in the behind when it suddenly decides to crash and your whole life is gone forever (ok, so we’re being a tad dramatic, but still!). Forking out an extra couple of hundred on a computer with plenty of memory and a good processor is definitely worth it in the long run.

Your car
If you don’t live in a city, chances are you rely on your automobile a hell of a lot. That’s why it’s important to look after it. If you’re buying a new car, and you don’t know a lot about cars yourself, ask someone who does to come along with you. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option, as you’ll end up spending more money getting it fixed when it breaks down every other month. Not good.

A really nice pair of shoes, and a dress to match
Investing in a good quality pair of shoes or dress is never something to feel guilty over. Looking good is part of feeling good after all, so leave the guilt at home!