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With the arrival of the Trumpkin, it’s become increasingly obvious that pumpkins are one of the world’s most versatile fruits.

They can portray political agendas, act as fillers for pies or simply decorate people’s porches. 

But did you know the humble pumpkin can also be used to produce music?



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Having previously used wine glasses, frying pans and rubber bands as instruments, software engineer Dan Ndombe headed to a pumpkin patch to source some seasonal inspiration for his latest online music video.

Having selected pumpkins of various shapes and sizes, the Arkansas based YouTuber cut into the Halloween treats, filled them with water and proceeded to use them as drums to create one of the most unique renditions of the Ghostbusters theme tune the Internet has ever heard.

Check it out below:

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People often wonder what incredible things they'd do if they ever achieved celebrity status but buying out a cinema for a night probably wouldn't top most people's lists – unless you're Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift, that is.

It has been reported that the celebrity couple were so mad to watch the new Ghostbusters flick last Thursday night that they bought out an entire cinema in Australia's Golden Coast.

According to The Daily Mail, the celebs booked out the high end Gold Class Cinema so they could visit the movies with Tom’s friends Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo.

The group reportedly only allowed two staff members to serve them food and drink inside the theatre and according to Us Weekly: “One [girl] served everyone else, and one girl served Taylor only.”

While speaking to Variety on Friday night, Bond hopeful Tom confirmed the outing by saying: “Chris Hemsworth bought a round of tickets for Ghostbusters and a group of us went to see it.”

“It’s been a great day: I got to play on set with Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth, went to see Ghostbusters, and then I got nominated for an Emmy,” he continued.

Chris plays the receptionist character Kevin in the remake of the hit fantasy movie and in a sweet moment Tom admitted that seeing one of his best friends perform in one of his favourite childhood films was “amazing”.  Awh!


Hollywood has long been criticised for its portrayal of the ‘ideal’ woman and it seems even those inside the movie industry are fed up with this image.

Among those calling for the ‘average’ woman to be represented in film is actress Melissa McCarthy.

The Bridesmaids star recently told the Daily Mail that “for so long, we weren't showing real women” on screen and instead were limiting the female ideal to the picture perfect model.

She said: “We were showing perfect women – they wore the perfect thing, they never got upset.  I don't know any of those women.”

“I know women and men that are every colour and mood and emotion.  Don't be surprised when you see interesting, multi-dimensional women.”

“That's the goal.  We're not supposed to be perfect; we are supposed to be real."

The American comedian explained that she finds “flawed” women to be powerful on-screen because they better mirror the woman we encounter in everyday life.


McCarthy vs Feig #ghostbusters

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She said: “I think it's always incredibly powerful when we see, in films and in art, the women that we are surrounded by.  I am surrounded by strong, flawed, funny, heroic, crazy, loving women.”

Melissa’s comments were supported by her Ghostbusters director Paul Feig who told Today online: “I think ladies make really good ghostbusters.  They are able to think on their feet, very nimble out there, able to do the action, able to fight, but also to be smart and use psychology to get around them.”


Who you gonna call? #ghostbusters

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It's all about girl power these days and we are loving it.



Ghostbusters is getting a reboot and the cast is simply brilliant. 

Set 30 years after the events of the original film, this updated version presents a fresh bunch of faces ready to kick some supernatural butt. 

Helmed by the ever capable and hilarious Melissa McCarthy, the new and improved ghost busting pack is completed by Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. 

Oh you also have Chris Hemsworth as a sexy secretary to look forward to…

Up until now, fans have had to make do with some cheekily snapped pics from the set but today we got an official picture. 

Let's just say we can not WAIT until July! 

Watch the hilarious trailer below: 




In case you didn't know, there is a new Ghostbusters film on the way and the ghost-annihilating foursome are now to be played by female actresses. 

But that's not where the gender-bending ends in the film that will be released this summer. . 

Janine, who sort of operated as a Ghotbusters secretary in the original films, was the person who received all the calls.

You know, when people figured out who they were gonna call. 

The role was originally played by Annie Potts but the internet thoroughly enjoyed Chris Hemsworth swapping his usual buff parts for a character with a touch of geek chic. 

We think he looks amazing and it seems that the internet agrees:



As if we weren’t already excited about the Ghostbusters remake. Guess who just joined the already A-list filled cast, only our favourite Hemsworth brother (sorry Liam).

Yes, Chris Hemsworth has been announced as joining the female-led cast in the receptionist’s role.

Originally played by Annie Potts, Chris is taking over the role to star alongside Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy. 

Confirming the online speculation of whether or not the receptionist role would be included in the remake’s gender-swapping theme, director Paul Feig made the announcement via Twitter.

So now not only do we have the chance to see some of our favourite funny ladies reunited on-screen, there’s going to be bonus hot guys too? Hurrah!

The 2014 world’s sexiest man had reportedly turned down the role earlier in the production process because it wasn’t scripted as a lead role.

Paul and writer Katie Dippold have since, god bless them, made the role more prominent. We applaud his stance; after all, it’s got to be hard to downsize to administrator after previously being demi-god Thor of the Marvel Avengers universe.

And it’s not just Mr Hemsworth that we get to admire in the new Ghostbusters universe. Rumour has it that he may have to share the screen with fellow sexiest man alive alum Channing Tatum. Yes please.

There isn’t an awful lot else known about the reboot, but the director said recently that "I knew I needed four people who were very different and yet would be funny together.”

Nevertheless, the director also faced an awful lot of backlash online since announcing the female-led project. However, as he himself said; “I honestly think it might be the better way to do it. So look, hate me if you will, I don't know what to tell you.”

After casting this Australian heart-throb and with rumours spreading that Mr Channing might join in the fun too, we could never hate you Paul. Never.



When it was announced last year that a third Ghostbusters film was in the pipeline AND that it would have an all-female cast, we just about exploded with excitement

Well, that cast has finally been announced, and it has definitely lived up to expectation. 

As predicted, Melissa McCarthy will star in the Paul Feig-directed movie, alongside comedy heavyweight Kristen Wiig and her fellow SNL stars Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. WIN!

Although the news has not been explicitly confirmed, Paul tweeted this collage of the four actresses yesterday, strongly hinting that they were the chosen stars:

Given that Paul was the mastermind behind Bridesmaids, it's no surprise that he chose to cast Melissa and Kristen together… for their dancing skills if nothing else:

The film is set to be released in July 2016. We can't wait for the first teaser trailer!



Director Paul Feig has finally confirmed the news that Ghostbusters 3 is in the pipeline, after years of speculation.

Bill Murray and co won't be reuniting to flight the slime this time around though – Paul also revealed on Twitter that he'll be using an all-female cast:

No-one's been fully confirmed as yet but there are some pretty solid rumours. Bill Murray himself even had a stab recently at guessing who might star, and we like the combo he came up with: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Linda Cardellini and Emma Stone. Sounds about right to us!

As Paul was the brain behind Bridesmaids and Arrested Development, it's likely there'll be some big female comedy names in the cast and we definitely have our fingers crossed for Kristen and Melissa.

His writing partner Katie Dipold also wrote The Heat, the hilarious cop comedy starring Melissa along with Sandra Bullock. All very positive signs!

Sadly, the new movie will not be linked to any plotlines from the previous Ghostbusters instalments – which means no Bill or Dan Aykroyd. Boo! 

Still though, we can't wait to see how it'll work with the new cast!



Bill Murray must be sick of being asked if there’s another Ghost Busters on the way, so he was probably delighted when one journalist took a different slant on it and asked him who he’d like to see in an all-female version!

“Melissa [McCarthy] would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny – God, she’s funny! I like this girl Linda Cardellini (Mad Men) a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there.”

There sure are, Bill! We love his casting choices – the man has good taste! Melissa McCarthy, who is in a new film called St. Vincent with Bill, added:

“I think that somebody is really trying to do it, but nobody has talked to me about it.

“Listen, if the people I think are doing it are doing it, I must never question them.”

Hmmm… could she mean Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat?! Fingers crossed!