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Mary’s marriage is unfulfilling, and unfaithful. So when she meets Dr. Drake Lucifer, who is prepared to sweep her off her feet, she is totally enchanted by his allure and attentiveness. Utilising his role as Mary’s doctor to his own perverse advantage, Drake makes his way into Mary’s psyche, using power and fear to attract her. As Mary’s marriage crumbles, she becomes more and more enslaved to Drake as he masterfully manipulates her every move, their relationship turning down a dangerous and possibly inescapable path…

M. L. Stark who has just released the second book in this series (Burning Desire Fades) hopes to reach both women and men who are navigating romantic relationships with one another through this revelatory book. What starts out as a romance quickly takes a turn as Stark educates us on the tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship, helping women learn how to identify psychopathic and manipulative behaviour early on. This is a guidebook on how to take the necessary precautions during courtship to protect oneself. She hopes that this book can also help male readers, who are in relationships with women who have dated a psychopathic man, to understand their partner and treat them with the love, respect and patience that they need.

She calls out the hallmarks of abuse, citing unequal power balances, unequal monetary situations and low self-esteem as facilitators of abuse and warns against the signs of narcissism. Lack of boundaries, respect and self-control all start as small issues that gradually grow to encompass the entire relationship, until there seems to be no way out.

Reading like a dark confession, this is a dramatic and sometimes fantastical read, but the message at its core remains the same; beware. Written from personal experience, the tone is retrospective, looking back on mistakes and missed red flags with regret and shame – but also hope that other women will not fall into the same traps. It is unclear how much is based on Stark's real experiences, but it is emphasised that these are fictional accounts. She now lives in the UK, knowing she achieved the impossible; documenting being a survivor of the cruelty of childhood abuse and mental abuse from the man she loved.


Love Island's Francesca Allen has given us an inside look into the reunion of Joanna Chimonides and Michael Griffiths following their Aftersun appearance, and it's spicy enough,

A video emerged of the pair getting cosy in the green room, despite the awkwardness between the former couple and Caroline Flack.

Francesca was obviously asked whether they're getting back together, because everyone thinks that they will, and she said;

"Possibly, they seem to be getting along fine. I wasn't there for too long after because I was shattered."


She added; "They were speaking, everyone was being civil and nice. So we'll see what happens!"

Well, that's dull. We wanted WWE drama for Michael's sins.

Francesca also tried to defend Michael, who she was coupled up with as friends at the end of her time in the villa, saying:

"Michael's great, he's just made a few mistakes I think. He's actually a really good person. I got along with him really well."

The pair looked cosier than ever behind the scenes (Image: Instagram)

Michael recoupled with Joanna following Casa Amor, as I'm sure we all remember, and left Amber to walk alone into the villa.

The gaslighting firefighter then insisted that he had no interest in Amber anymore. He pied her TWICE in an embarrassing fashion, treating her like dirt in the process.

Joanna was raging after she was dumped from the island alone, without Michael leaving with her.

The model branded him a 'snake', with most of us agreeing that the term was well deserved.

Michael then tried to crack on with Amber again after Irish charmer Greg brought her on a date, with Michael lying at every turn about his feelings.

Will Joanna give him another chance? She'd be some fool to let him slither his way back in, but we suspect she will.

Feature image: ITV2