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Happy almost-weekend everyone!

We've made it through another week and what's waiting for us at the other end of it is deliciously relaxing. 

Couch, a cup of tea/mug of hot chocolate/glass of wine and the Late Late Show on the TV – what more could you want?

So let's get stuck into the line-up and see what guests Tubs will be talking to this week. 


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It was the longest-running murder trial in Irish criminal history which gripped the nation for 13 weeks, and on Friday night Bobby Ryan’s children Michelle and Robert will join host Ryan Tubridy to speak about their father and the sentencing of Patrick Quirke.

Then on a lighter note, chart-topping band Kodaline will be in for a chat ahead of their Dublin shows later this month – and you can catch them performing their latest single Brother.

Then Ireland's answer to Lena Dunham will be chatting all things to do with her new book, Can I Say No?

She will be telling Ryan about how we've lost the ability to say no and how, by reacquainting ourselves with this two letter word, we can go on to live happier, less stressful and more fulfilling lives.


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Then – a bit of nostalgia for those Leaving Cert days – remember them?

With just under a month to go until the LC begins, Ryan will catch up with 6 students from around the country who are currently preparing for the exams and will find out about the stresses, pressures, and ups and downs facing Irish teens. 

We’ll also have the first Late Late Show birth as we meet the robot being used to teach medical students about the process of having a baby as well as tunes from SYML.

Don't miss it lads – tune into The Late Late Show, RTÉ One, Friday, May 10 at 9.35pm. 


If you're a lover of weird food combinations and need something special to get you through this week – which is 99.9 percent of the population, since it's only Tuesday, we have just the thing.

Hit the pause button on amateur chips and ice cream or jam and avocado toast – and welcome this food God combo into your life.

Combining two of our favourite Friday night loves to help us to forget the working week, Deliveroo has partnered with Sano, Temple Bar to bring you tonight's dinner.

The genius' have smashed pizza and beer together to give birth to beer-infused pizza.

For one day ONLY, on October 9, you'll get to dine on the masterpiece that is beer and soakage fused together in one holy bite – we aren't worthy.

And you have the perfect excuse for this mid-week heaven as it's International Beer and Pizza Day, today. – so it would be rude not to grab a slice.

It's bad news if you haven't reached your 18 years on the planet though, as this is only available to the old folk over the age limit.

Why I hear you cry? Well, Sano Pizza created succulent, Neapolitan soft-style pizzas, hand-stretched and topped with authentic Italian ingredients before being stone oven-baked.

The specially kneaded dough is made with 12 O’Clock Mass IPA Beer, produced by Dowd’s Lane Brewery of Clonmel Co. Tipperary.

The ale contains a fruit fusion with a concentration of citrus lime and contains an alcohol content amount of 4.5 percent ABV. 

Dig out the age card or any official ID when ordering the beautiful Beer Pizza and show it to your Deliveroo rider. – It'll make everyone's life easier, so don't be 'that' person.

And forget the budget, the pizza is an absolute steal as a 12 inch will only set you back €12. 

If you can't wait until dinner time, a boozy lunch is perfectly acceptable to get you through Tuesday afternoon. 


Get ready for a pizza party because this new pizza place in Dublin is giving away it's luscious food.

The capital's newest pizzeria, Dublin Pizza Company, is opening it's doors to lucky customers this Friday and giving away free slices between the hours of 5.30pm and 8.00pm. YES!

And if you think the new Aungier Street store will be jam-packed, it won't, because they're promising their pizzas will cook in just 60 seconds. Mmm hmm, 60!

Now, can it just be after work on Friday already? Pleaseee…

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In news that's possibly the best EVER, McDonald's are giving away free breakfasts tomorrow. Yes, FREE.

The lads and lassies in all of the Irish McDonald's stores will serve up a Bacon and Egg McMuffin or a Sausage and Egg McMuffin until 10am – so if you're not an early riser you might want to set your alarm clock.

All 89 stores are taking part since the demand was so huge from last years's Free Breakfast Friday. A massive total of 60,000 McMuffins were snapped up in 2015.

What a way to welcome you to the weekend, huh?


Just when you thought it was safe to go to work again… you realise that the trains won't be running tomorrow morning.

Yup, a total of 41 Dart services, 45 Dublin Commuter services, 30 Cork Commuter services, and 42 Intercity/regional services will in all likelihood be cancelled (unless last-minute crises talks prove successful). Gulp!

Taking place from 6am to 9am as a result of industrial action by drivers, it's sure to cause commuters – to say the least – plenty of Friday mayhem. 

Trains that leave before the planned strike at 6am will continue to travel as normal, Irish Rail has confirmed. 

During a similar strike held last month, disgruntled passengers may remember that Hailo had one of its busiest mornings ever as thousands sought out alternative ways to get to work and college.

Today, the taxi company was encouraging anyone hitting the road before 9am tomorrow to plan their journey carefully.

From 7am to 10am it's also offering a helpful 20 percent off journeys – an incentive which proved hugely popular last time.

"The 20 percent discount codes will be displayed on our Facebook and Twitter profiles as soon as they are live," it added in a statement.

In addition, Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and Luas tram services will all be operating normally – albeit at full capacity so make sure to allow extra time for our trip.

More information is also available at irishrail.ie.



Four years later it has been revealed that Rebecca Black is now completely open to gettin’ down on all the other days of the week. She no longer saves her party energy exclusively for Fridays.

What a relief! We were starting to wonder if we should tell her she was missing out on some great mid-week banter.

Back in 2011 the then 13-year old became a viral Youtube sensation when she debuted her single Friday, which now has over 81 million views.

She stepped out for the premiere of her new music video Bad Night on Tuesday. The now 18-year old was sporting a decidedly more mature look than when we last saw her.

Wearing a black romper paired with a fabulous dark cat eye look we barely recognised her from the 2011 viral video.

In March Rebecca spoke with EW about how the down side of all of the attention she received as a result of the Friday video.

“It wasn’t really the kind of attention any 13-year-old girl wants,” she said, and added she had no idea the kind of notoriety she was going to achieve as a result.  “I made the song with no intention of it doing anything, and here it was doing something.”

However, since she started her very own Youtube channel, Rebecca is now able to do whatever she wants with her music as she now has complete creative control.

"That was a thing that I lacked with the people I was working with and had surrounded myself with. I realized that they didn’t care as much about what I wanted to do as much as what they wanted to see me do.”

It may not be Friday just yet, but while we wait in anticipation of Bad Night being released, why not indulge in the ultimate throwback and reminisce with Rebecca’s debut single. 



There is an epic line-up for The Graham Norton Show tonight, we’re definitely staying in!

Not only will Christian Grey actor Jamie Dornan be there in all of his scrumptiousness, Graham will also be joined by Ant & Dec, Naomi Campbell and Aaron Paul.

Oh yes, and Ellie Goulding will be providing the musical entertainment for the night.

The only way The Late Late could beat this one is if they have Sharon  Ní Bheoláin on in her PJ’s.