Four years later it has been revealed that Rebecca Black is now completely open to gettin’ down on all the other days of the week. She no longer saves her party energy exclusively for Fridays.

What a relief! We were starting to wonder if we should tell her she was missing out on some great mid-week banter.

Back in 2011 the then 13-year old became a viral Youtube sensation when she debuted her single Friday, which now has over 81 million views.

She stepped out for the premiere of her new music video Bad Night on Tuesday. The now 18-year old was sporting a decidedly more mature look than when we last saw her.

Wearing a black romper paired with a fabulous dark cat eye look we barely recognised her from the 2011 viral video.

In March Rebecca spoke with EW about how the down side of all of the attention she received as a result of the Friday video.

“It wasn’t really the kind of attention any 13-year-old girl wants,” she said, and added she had no idea the kind of notoriety she was going to achieve as a result.  “I made the song with no intention of it doing anything, and here it was doing something.”

However, since she started her very own Youtube channel, Rebecca is now able to do whatever she wants with her music as she now has complete creative control.

"That was a thing that I lacked with the people I was working with and had surrounded myself with. I realized that they didn’t care as much about what I wanted to do as much as what they wanted to see me do.”

It may not be Friday just yet, but while we wait in anticipation of Bad Night being released, why not indulge in the ultimate throwback and reminisce with Rebecca’s debut single.