So, J.K. Rowling just dismissed this popular Harry Potter fan theory

It may have been over 10 years since the last Harry Potter book hit the shelves, but that hasn't stopped hardcore fans from keeping the the story alive.

From Harry's suspected immortality to claims that Draco Malfoy is actually a werewolf, fans of the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry are never short of a far-fetched theory to add another dimension to the much-loved series.

And while most of these anecdotes have absolutely zero truth behind them, every now and again a theory comes along that makes us believe there could be more to the story after all.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those.

A popular belief among fans is that the Leaky Cauldron, a pub located in the magical world, was inspired by a pub called The Old Firehouse in Exeter, where J.K Rowling attended university.

And while it seems like a perfectly legitimate assumption, the reality isn't quite so idyllic.

The author was quick to shut down the theory after an article published on Devon Live suggested the pub, which is now up for sale, inspired the fantasy bar.

“Never visited this pub in my life,” she tweeted.

She then went on to offer the names of the pubs she did visit, suggesting that perhaps the Leaky Cauldron could have been modelled after one of them.

However, some Twitter users were quick to tell the J.K about the pub's legendary “pizza and cider selection”, so we're guessing it's worth a visit either way.