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Look – he's one of the world's most successful designers, with an incredible career spanning more than half a century.

In short, Valentino Garavani, now also aged 83, has nothing to prove.

So if he wants to step out with skin the colour of a sweet and ripe satsuma, more power to him, we say. 

Of course, it probably didn't help that he was standing beside Anne Hathaway – a woman who very much champions the pale and interesting look.

The duo were both at the famed Pacha nightclub on the island of Ibiza yesterday for the Flower Power party – where the the dress-code was floral.

Valentino happily sported a striking navy and white shirt with flower motifs from his own collection (natch), but Ms Hathaway, 32, merely nodded to the trend with a small, white bag with a subtle floral design.

She and the designer are long-standing friends, with Valentino previously saying she's like a daughter to him. 

He created her incredible pink-blush wedding gown for her 2012 nuptials to actor Adam Shulman, and also dressed her for the 2013 Academy Awards – where she picked up the Best Supporting Actress gong for Les Misérables.




Us Irish ladies know our stuff when it comes to fake tan, so St Tropez definitely perked our ears when they launched a brand new and VERY interesting product last month.

The St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is the first gradual tanner of its kind, as it is made to be applied in the shower rather than onto dry skin. Nope, this is not a drastically late April Fools' Joke, this is the real deal. 

So how does it work?
According to the folks at St Tropez, you simply wash as usual in the shower, exfoliate if needed, then step out of the flow of the water and lather the (non-tinted) lotion all over your body. Wait three minutes and then rinse off with water only. Your tan will then gradually develop over the rest of the day, leaving you with a warm golden glow.

Why is it any better than normal tan?
If this product does what's promised, it will save us the hassle of stinky sheets and PJs, stained towels and all the other joys that come with overnight tan… WIN.

Is it any good?
The reviews so far have been extremely mixed, but in general positive. Beauty vlogger Laura Black said she saw a very natural looking golden glow, but that came after 5 consecutive days of use, so this is not one to try the day of a big event. She also praised the lotion for giving her a totally streak free tan.

However another reviewer on the Boots site called the new product a "joke", adding, "I have been using this product every day for the past four days, and can see very little difference, I even take a timer into the bathroom so I get it right in fact I have nearly used the whole tube…I wont be using it again."

One reviewer on Amazon noted that the lotion dries very quickly – there's no "stickiness" after the shower and you can get dressed straight away.

While the lotion is touted as a daytime tanner, many reviewers complained about the strong smell that clung to their skin for the day, so you may prefer to use it at night and shower again in the morning. 

As for value for money, if you plan on using this every day, you'll be shelling out for another bottle in a week's time, so it's not exactly a bargain.

The verdict?
A great idea, but more of an everyday product than one for a night out of special occasion… and the price is a bit off-putting.



A number of great Irish-owned tanning brands are currently on the market, but are any of them worth ditching your trusty Sally Hansen for?

Irish women are proven to be the world's biggest users of fake tan, so it stands to reason that we'd know a thing or two about it. In recent years, Irish tanning brands have gotten a serious popularity boost, both in Ireland and abroad, and we can see why.

Here's a look at some of our favourites…

Cocoa Brown
The Cocoa Brown range was launched in 2012, and is currently available in the UK, the US, Australia, and now in 400 stores across Sweden as the brand's founder Marissa Carter revealed to us last week. The collection includes a gradual tanning moisturiser, a 1-hour tanning mousse and the famous Night & Day tan as well as other products such as tanning mitts, an oil-free moisturiser and a body scrub.

Our verdict:
If you're looking for a tan that develops quickly and doesn't leave you (and your sheets) smelling manky, this is it. We're big fans of the Tough Stuff scrub for getting any stubborn leftover tan off, but to ensure an even fade, you definitely need to be moisturising every day. 


Salon owner Noelle O'Connor suffered during the recession but came back with a bang when Dragon's Den agreed to invest in her tanning brand, TanOrganic, in 2010. All TanOrganic products contain only "natural and organic" ingredients. The range includes a self-tanning oil, the original self-tanner, a moisturising dry oil, a bronzing powder, body scrub and more.

Our verdict: 
This brand is great for a natural colour, but the fact that the oil is clear may put some off as there is no colour guide. However rest assured that the tan is fairly fool-proof and you won't be left with streaks and patchiness. The brand does claim to be odourless but in our experience it's not always the case.


This Irish-based brand launched in 2007 and tagged itself as the "world's first odourless tan." It's currently used in hotel spas around the world including the swanky George V Paris and the Ritz-Carlton. VitaLiberata have a huge range of products, from bronzers to self-tanners, and their 'pHenomenal' 2-3 Week Tanning Lotion which claims to last "four times longer" than regular tans.

Our verdict:
Having tried the 2 – 3 week tanner, we can safely say it didn't last quite that long, but definitely a few days longer than a regular tan would. The application process is quite lengthy, as you're instructed to apply the tan every night for three nights for it to last the suggested 2 – 3 weeks. However it dries almost instantly so is very hassle-free (we had our PJs on within two minutes), and again we saw no streaks and an extremely even fade. 


The Tan
This brand is new to the Irish market, having been launched just last week by Jennifer Butler and Jennifer Swaine, the "Two Jenns" behind famous Dublin salon Vanity Rooms. The range combines at-home tanners and professional products, and all products contain the girls' "hero ingredient" Hyaluronic Acid, which penetrates into the skin to boost elasticity and hydration.

Our verdict
As this is a brand new product we haven't given it a test run just yet, but going by the amazing quality of the spray tans offered in the Vanity Rooms, we reckon The Tan will be money well spent.



A friend of mine went to a wedding recently and as I was admiring pictures of her dress afterwards, I commented on how amazing the deep wine colour of the fabric looked with her pale skin. Sheepishly, she admitted that she had gone without fake tan as she had run out at the last minute.

The dress looked incredible – in the end the lack of a tan was definitely a blessing in disguise – but I’d wager a bet that she was in the minority of guests without at least a spray of Sally Hansen on her legs or a quick blitz on the sunbed. Although Irish women are famed the world over for our uber-pale skin, we’re more focused on looking like we’ve just spent two weeks on a yacht in the South of France.

I’m not trying to suggest that I don’t like a healthy glow myself. The joys of fake tan were passed down to me like a family heirloom from my own mum. We’re both more on the pasty side of pale, and have spent many an evening slapping on tanning gel or mousse in preparation for a weekend wedding or night out. Recently though, I’ve been trying to steer away from fake tan when I can – sometimes it’s just not necessary.

Irish ladies like Angela Scanlon and Michelle Doherty are always pale and proud – unafraid to show off their legs without so much as a hint of a tan.

So why is it that the majority of Irish women still prefer to imitate Katie Price’s skin tone, overusing sunbeds and buying the pharmacy out of St Tropez? According to the amount of fake tan purchased per capita, Irish women are the world’s biggest fans. And a quarter of us confess that we won’t go on holidays without bronzing first.

I admit it’s difficult to wear shorts or a dress if you’re self-conscious about your skin looking dull and dry – so instead of putting effort into applying fake bake, why not use that time to give your skin some TLC by exfoliating and moisturising? It’s a sure way to achieve even, glowing skin without the streaky legs and patchy elbows.

Tanned skin can be gorgeous if it’s all natural but for most Irish women it’s only achievable from a bottle – so why not ditch the “Deep Glow” and show off the skin you were born with? It might take a bit of time to get used to your newfound pale glory, but you’ll never look back!



Tan is a best friend of many Irish ladies; according to a survey conducted by Hotels.com, almost a quarter of us lovely girls wear it.

However, not everyone gets it right. In fact, some people can get it seriously – SERIOUSLY – wrong. So, to avoid any tan mistakes, make sure you follow our Tan Commandments.

Take off old tan
Please, whatever you do, don’t apply fresh tan to old tan that has been there for a week. Get if off first.

If you have to shave your legs, make sure you do it the night before otherwise the tan will end up looking like you have a million freckles on your legs.

This is the key to a natural look. Exfoliate your elbows, knees and any other areas where you are prone to dry patches, like the tops of your arms.

If you have particularly dry skin you need to moisturise before you apply the lotion. But, and this is a big but, don’t put on the tan until all the moisturiser has been absorbed.

Use a mitt
Make sure you use a mitt. Not only are brown hands never a good look, but it makes your tan go on a lot smoother.

Use small amounts
Only put a small amount of the product on the mitt. The last thing you want is to go overboard on the lotion and end up having to spend ages spreading it all over you.

Work up
Start at your legs and work your way up to your arms and neck.

Don’t rub
Don’t rub the tan into your body. Instead use big circular movements.

Places to avoid
Don’t apply the tan directly to your knees or elbows. Simply sweep over lightly with the mitt otherwise it will come out too dark there.

Make sure you blend, especially at your ankles, wrists and toes.

Moisturise after
After it has developed, apply moisturiser daily to keep your darker colour looking natural.



Ever wished there was a way to use Photoshop on your actual body? Well, now you can (kind of!)

With a few knowing tricks you can look absolutely flawless and all you need is a little help from your trusted friend make-up.

Concealer is amazing for covering up any blemishes. You can buy Dermablend Leg and Body Cover to hide any imperfections on your body and MAC Face and Body is great for hiding blemishes on your face.

Fake Tan
Not only is fake tan pretty awesome at making us look like we just arrived back from a sun soaked trip to the Bahamas, it is also pretty fantastic at hiding everything. Sally Hansen tan is great for creating perfect pins and the tan works like a make-up by covering any veins etc.

Use your bronzer to contour abs onto your stomach and to accentuate your cheekbones. Contouring is great because if done correctly it can make you look slimmer and toned.



So, the sun is (apparently) coming out for the Bank Holiday weekend which means shorts, skirts and tees. However, after hiding our limbs for most of the year, this also involves showing off our gorgeous pale and slightly blue skin! Here is where fake tan steps in to save the day.

Rimmel Instant Tan Sun Shimmer €7.99
For when you don’t have time to wait for the colour to come out!

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Wash Off €9.79
It’s all in the name! This is an instant tan that will give your skin a lovely tint – perfect if you don’t want to be too dark.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs €13.59
No need for pale legs with this around.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse €26.99
There is something about a mousse that is so easy to apply. Streak-free and dries pretty quick.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-tanning Gel tinted €17.89
This one is good for the face too and lasts for several days.

Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2 -3 week Tan €49.99
This is a little pricey but lasts for at least 2 weeks! Amazing if you are heading away.

Don’t forget your mitt, brown palms are not a good look…




Applying fake tan to your face can be tricky – get it wrong and you look horrendous, but get it right and you can look amazing.

The best facial fake tans to go for this summer:

L’Oreal Paris Sublime bronze self-tanning dry mist
This mist will leave your face with a natural-looking suntan.

Sleep mask tan
This is amazing – the tan develops while you sleep and also nourishes your skin.

St. Tropez Gradual tan plus anti-ageing for face
This light lotion will give you a gradual even tan that will also lift fine lines – amazing!

No7 Sun kissed gradual face tan SPF15
Not only will you be bronzed, you will also be protected from the sun!

Lancome Flash bronzer self-tanning face gel
No nasty smell and only takes an hour to develop – perfect! It’s time to get your tanning on, ladies!



Unfortunately, many girls have been in the awful situation of waking up and finding their hands are a strange shade of orange or the streaks on their legs leave a little to be desired.

No, we’re not talking about some skin disorder, we are talking about fake tan and those dreaded mishaps.  And yes, it usually happens when we have a big event or occasion to attend that day.

Don’t panic! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you out:

To get rid of streaks, you will need to use a really light body scrub. You don’t want to rub the tan away completely, just make the colour a little more even.

Orange palms and hands
Toothpaste is fantastic for removing tan stains on your hands. Simply rub a little on the palms and between your fingers to get rid of any tell-tell signs of fake tan use.

Too dark
If you were a little too generous with your application, run a bath and rub your body in baby oil. It should remove a layer of tan from your skin, making you look a lot more natural.

Dark spots
Your elbow and knees soak up a lot more tan than other areas on your body. To correct these dreaded dark spots, exfoliate the area and soften it with some moisturiser. Sorted!



It seems James Arthur has been taking a few make-up tips from Rylan Clark  but went a little over board.

The X Factor contestants were photographed together backstage at ITV’s This Morning but James looked a tad on the orange side.

The Get Down singer showed us all just how little his knowledge is in applying tan as his hands were clearly missed.

Unfortunately, the 2012 X Factor winner has not been helping himself lately and has been involved in a few Twitter spats.

The Impossible singer slated One Direction on the social media site before posting a homophobic slur to a rapper and labelling his fellow contestant Lucy Spraggan a “two-faced fickle attention seeker”.

It seems that even Simon Cowell is not happy with him and after James called all the X factor winner “muppets”, the music mogul said: “I think James, unfortunately, has had so many issues with what he has done publicly – which is a real issue with me. Somebody should have told him to shut up and just put the records out.”




Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to start perfecting our fake tan application. In this video, Kristofer Buckle, make-up artist to the stars, shows you how to get fool-proof tan in no time.

Be gone orange streaks.



If you are pale skinned, gracing the beach in nothing less than at least one layer of fake tan is usually a no-no for the less brave.

However, after Little Mix’s Perri Edwards’ latest outing shows, maybe it’s time to ditch the tan and embrace the pale skin.

The 20-year-old, who is engaged to 1D’s Zayn Malik, showed off her naturally pale skin on a recent trip to Fort Lauderdale beach and we think she looked SHEmazing. She complimented her skin with a dark swimsuit and large shades.

The singer admitted that she was very conscious of her pale skin when she first started with the band and stuck to fake tan to hide it; however, it looks like the soon-to-be Mrs. Malik is starting to become less conscious about it.

Hopefully, the 20-year-old stocked up on suncream before hitting the waves.

We salute you, Ms. Edwards.


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