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Tan is a best friend of many Irish ladies; according to a survey conducted by Hotels.com, almost a quarter of us lovely girls wear it.

However, not everyone gets it right. In fact, some people can get it seriously – SERIOUSLY – wrong. So, to avoid any tan mistakes, make sure you follow our Tan Commandments.

Take off old tan
Please, whatever you do, don’t apply fresh tan to old tan that has been there for a week. Get if off first.

If you have to shave your legs, make sure you do it the night before otherwise the tan will end up looking like you have a million freckles on your legs.

This is the key to a natural look. Exfoliate your elbows, knees and any other areas where you are prone to dry patches, like the tops of your arms.

If you have particularly dry skin you need to moisturise before you apply the lotion. But, and this is a big but, don’t put on the tan until all the moisturiser has been absorbed.

Use a mitt
Make sure you use a mitt. Not only are brown hands never a good look, but it makes your tan go on a lot smoother.

Use small amounts
Only put a small amount of the product on the mitt. The last thing you want is to go overboard on the lotion and end up having to spend ages spreading it all over you.

Work up
Start at your legs and work your way up to your arms and neck.

Don’t rub
Don’t rub the tan into your body. Instead use big circular movements.

Places to avoid
Don’t apply the tan directly to your knees or elbows. Simply sweep over lightly with the mitt otherwise it will come out too dark there.

Make sure you blend, especially at your ankles, wrists and toes.

Moisturise after
After it has developed, apply moisturiser daily to keep your darker colour looking natural.



Ingrown hair is pretty weird if we’re being honest. It doesn’t act like normal hair and  grow up, it actually curls back in on itself. Sounds gross? It kind of is!  

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to get rid of it, once and for all.

If you have a lot of dead skin cells clogging up hair follicles, you need to exfoliate the area at least once a week. Dry brushing is great for this.

Ensure your skin is soft and smooth by moisturising daily. This will help hairs to push up through the skin rather than grow back on themselves.

When shaving your legs, don’t shave too closely to the skin, use a sharp blade, go in the direction of your hair growth and don’t do it too frequently.

You are more inclined to get ingrown hair if you wax, so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise straight after.

If the hair is slightly peeking out of the skin, just pluck that bad boy out. Don’t do this if it hasn’t quite managed to break through the skin though.


We all have times when lying in bed with the covers over our head seem like the best way to get through the day.

Unfortunately, jobs and life get in the way of our desire to be asleep,  so read these tips to feel instantly energised:

Go to bed earlier
Yes, it can be as simple as hitting the hay 30 minutes or even an hour earlier than you usually would.

Have a fruit juice or smoothie
Juice the hell out of your fruit and veg for the best kick start to your day. When you are feeling the 3pm slump, grab some of your juice and stay away from the coffee.

Drink water
Drink water and lots of it! Feeling tired can be a sign of dehydration so carry a bottle of water around with you for instant energy.

Play some music
Get your body pumping by turning up your favourite sounds when they come on the radio. You’ll be surprised how instantly energised you’ll feel.

Even if you don’t feel like it, a workout will instantly give you energy.



Sometimes we just don’t have the time to enjoy the gloriousness of a shower.

However ,these pretty handy tips will help you get  through a no-shower day without smelling like you just rolled around in a bin.

Your hair
For oily hair spray a little dry shampoo onto the roots. Or ,if you don’t have dry shampoo, sprinkle a little baking soda onto your hairbrush and run it through your hair.

Beyond dry shampoo
If you hair has a gone too far to be rescued by dry shampoo you will need to put it into an updo. Braids work just as well.

Use a little soap

If you do have a little time, wash under your arms with soap and water.

Your feet
Feet can smell as sweat builds up so sprinkle a little baby powder into your shoes so the smell won’t linger.

Scented body lotion
When it comes to moisturising your body, go for a scented body lotion that will make you smell clean, even if you’re not.

Baby wipes
Baby wipes are great if you don’t have time to get into a shower or you just don’t have a shower to get into. Wipe the back of your neck, your armpits and knees to get rid of any lingering smells or black marks.

Clothes spray
Spritz a little clothes spray like Febreze onto your outfit. Every little helps.

Above all, make sure you change your underwear there is just no excuse.










Hayfever suffers and those without green fingers are not likely to have flowers in their vases, but that doesn’t stop people giving them to you as gifts.

However, before you leave them to sit and gather dust, try these amazing upcycling ideas:

Use it as a utensil holder
Give some life to your vase by filling it with kitchen utensils, like wooden spoons and spatulas. Not only will your vase be put to use, but you will also add new life to your kitchen.

Candle holder
Fill your vase with stones and place candles on top. Put your vase on the kitchen table to work as a pretty centrepiece.

Fill with sweets
Surprise your guests by filling the vase up with sweets and let them munch away. This works really well is the vase is an unusual shape.

Use as a cake stand
Turn your vase upside down, secure a plate to it and place your cake on top. A creative cake stand idea that your guests are sure to be amazed by.