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The big weekend is finally here; Electric Picnic has begun. Unfortunately not everyone could make the trek to Stradbally for all the antics.

The FOMO is string this weekend, it seems that no matter where you look there are constant reminders of all the musical fun people are having.

Comedian Chris Williams was given charge of the Ireland Twitter account today and came up with a genius and hilarious  tactic to help ease the pain for those not at the festival this weekend.

#EPathome was trending on Irish twitter for most of this afternoon. We rounded up some of the best tweets to give you a good laugh so you don’t feel too bad about missing out on the festival craic.

Basically, the idea behind the trend was to come up with suggestions of how folks stuck at home could make themselves feel like they were at Electric Picnic with everyone else:


There was some gems:


The people at The Daily Edge were really enjoying the challenge


This sounds familiar:



Yesterday, Limerick native Emily Culhane sent the internet into a meltdown when she told her boss she’d rather have a weekend at Electric Picnic than her part-time job.

Speaking with SHEmazing Emily said that she was working in the job for about five months but “they were really tough to get time off for.”

When the opportunity came to spend the weekend at one of the best festivals around, Emily wasn’t taking any chances when she requested the weekend off. The result was her employer letting her know she wouldn’t be needed any longer.

Her Facebook post on the official Electric Picnic page went viral. Emily said she just did it “to see if Electric Picnic might give me a freebie or two but it has escalated so quickly!”

Indeed it did.

Many were wondering if the risk was worth, but recent Business graduate Emily, who is looking to launch her career in marketing, seems to have landed on her feet.

Speaking to 2FM, The Library Bar in Limerick has decided to offer Emily a position as a member of staff.

The bar is also a popular live music venue in the city and quickly becoming known as one of the cities favourite places for a great night out with live musicians and DJs.

Manager Paul told the radio show:

“It’s basically a live music venue – so we can understand Emily’s situation.”

Paul and Emily already have plenty to chat about in the break room as he’s going to heading off to EP himself too and reckons he would have been more accommodating about Emily’s time-off request:

“I would of course! Sure I’m going along myself.”

What does she have to look forward to if she takes the venue up on their offer?

“There’s a job for her when she comes back from Electric Picnic. There are a few options there for her. Firstly, starting behind the bar. Let’s see how it goes with her.”



The Irish Times have released an exclusive list of the stage times for this weekend's Electric Picnic festival which kicks off this Friday September 4 and continues until Sunday September 6. 


Main Stage

18:00-18:45: Ham Sandwich

19:15-20:15: The Coronas 

20:45-22:00: Grace Jones 

22:30-00:00: Underworld

Body and Soul

16:15-16:45: Damsel

17:15-17:45: Joni 

18:15-19:00: New Valley Wolves 

19:30-20:15: Daithi 

20:45-21:15: Simi Crowns

21:40-22:30: CLU

23:00-23:45: Bleeding Heart Pigeons

00:15-01:00: Ho99o9 


Main Stage

13:00-14:00: Yurodny

14:30-15:00: Bry 

15:45-16:45: The Riptide Movement 

17:15-18:15: Future Islands 

19:00-20:00: George Ezra 

20:30-21:30: Hot Chip

22:00-23:00: Sam Smith 

23:30-01:30: Blur 

Body and Soul

12:00-12:30: Big Jelly

13:00-13:30: Frankenstein Bolts 

14:00-14:30: Formidable Veg Sound System 

15:00-15:30: Silences 

16:00-16:30: GIRO 

17:00-17:45: Bitch Falcon

18:15-19:00: I’m Your Vinyl 

19:30-20:10: The Hard Ground 

20:40-21:15: Everything Shook 

21:45-22:45: Meltybrains?

23:15-00:15: Natalie Prass 


Main Stage

13:00-14:00: Dublin Gospel Choir

14:30-15:15: Legend

15:45-16:45: Jurassic 5  

17:30-18:30: The Boomtown Rats 

19:00-20:00: Interpol

20:45-22:00: Manic Street Preachers 

22:30-00:00: Florence and the Machine 

Body and Soul

12:00-12:30: The Inishowen Gospel Choir

13:00-13:30: Shookrah 

14:00-14:30: Rosie Carney 

15:00-15:45: Iron Mountain 

16:15-16:45: Dear Desert 

17:15-18:00: My Tribe Your Tribe 

18:30-19:15: Hayes & Leslie

19:45-20:30: Plutonic Dust 

21:00-21:45: Buffalo Woman 

22:15-23:00: Young Wonder 

23:45-00:45: Hundred Waters 




This day week music lovers will be making their way to Stradbally for the sold-out Electric Picnic. 

And the already stellar line-up just got even better with the addition of two well known Irish bands. The Coronas and Keywest have both been added to the list for Ireland's biggest music and arts festival which takes place from September 4th-6th. 

Keywest teased the news this morning on Twitter before confirming it in a retweet, while shortly after The Coronas also shared the news on social media.

Already announced are The Boomtown Rats and iconic Irish DJ Mark McCabe, best known for his song Maniac 2000.

Headline gigs for the festival include Sam Smith, Blur, Florence + The Machine and Tame Impala. 

For those of you heading to the festival, there's even more good news, with some sunny weather on its way to Ireland. Our mini Indian summer is expected to last until the festival is over… hurrah!



All of you heading to Electric Picnic this summer, we are SO jealous of you! 

It has just been announced that festival goers are in for a serious flash back in a few weeks as iconic 90's artists The Vengaboys and DJ Mark McCabe are set to perform. 

This festival flashback will include songs such as 'Maniac 2000', 'The Venga Bus' and 'Boom Boom Boom' and will surely make the crowd go wild! 

These acts have been unveiled as part of the #90sPowerParty at this year's Electric Picnic and has fans devastated that they didn't get tickets on time. 

On the Saturday of EP Mark McCabe will perform Ireland's fourth biggest-selling single of all time 'Maniac 2000'. 

Speaking about the festival, Mark said: “I am delighted to be part of Electric Ireland’s 90's Power Party at Electric Picnic this year. I haven’t played Maniac live for a very long time, so I am really excited about it. 

"Hopefully the crowd will come along to play their part in the audience participation moments of the song.  The 90's Power Party will be a fantastic addition to the Picnic, offering festival goers a full immersion in what will be the ultimate 90's experience.” 



Electric Picnic 2015 has sold out.

That's right, it has sold out with three months still to go before the festival.

Speedy fans have snapped up approximately 35,000 tickets for the music and arts festival that takes place in Stradbally, this September.

Headlining the show this year is Blur, Florence and the Machine, Sam Smith, and The War on Drugs, with loads more performances.

It certainly seems as if the recession is turning into somewhat of a distant memory, as it was only two years ago that Electric Picnic sold out for the first time since the financial crisis hit.

While the weekend, Sunday day, campervans, family weekend, and family campervan tickets are all sold out, there are a limited number of VIP tickets still available through Pink Moon camping.

With a stellar line up and a sold out crowd, Electric Picnic 2015 is shaping up to be one of the best yet. 


Electric Picnic 2015 was officially launched last week with an exciting line-up announcement and event at Dublin's Chocolate Factory.

Our S! TV reporter Lisa Kavanagh headed along to find out what we can expect from this year's festival and to chat to Melvin Benn of Festival Republic about the plans for one of the best weekends of the year!



The line-up for this year's Electric Picnic has been revealed… and we are SO excited!

This year's festival will take place from September 4th – 6th in Stradbally, Co. Laois.

With early bird tickets on sale this week, buzz for this year's EP is already underway and the line-up's first 36 acts were officially announced this morning!

Florence and the Machine, Underworld Hot Chip, Manic Street Preachers, Chvrches… the list goes on!

See you there!