The Limerick girl who won EP got herself a brand new job too!


Yesterday, Limerick native Emily Culhane sent the internet into a meltdown when she told her boss she’d rather have a weekend at Electric Picnic than her part-time job.

Speaking with SHEmazing Emily said that she was working in the job for about five months but “they were really tough to get time off for.”

When the opportunity came to spend the weekend at one of the best festivals around, Emily wasn’t taking any chances when she requested the weekend off. The result was her employer letting her know she wouldn’t be needed any longer.

Her Facebook post on the official Electric Picnic page went viral. Emily said she just did it “to see if Electric Picnic might give me a freebie or two but it has escalated so quickly!”

Indeed it did.

Many were wondering if the risk was worth, but recent Business graduate Emily, who is looking to launch her career in marketing, seems to have landed on her feet.

Speaking to 2FM, The Library Bar in Limerick has decided to offer Emily a position as a member of staff.

The bar is also a popular live music venue in the city and quickly becoming known as one of the cities favourite places for a great night out with live musicians and DJs.

Manager Paul told the radio show:

“It’s basically a live music venue – so we can understand Emily’s situation.”

Paul and Emily already have plenty to chat about in the break room as he’s going to heading off to EP himself too and reckons he would have been more accommodating about Emily’s time-off request:

“I would of course! Sure I’m going along myself.”

What does she have to look forward to if she takes the venue up on their offer?

“There’s a job for her when she comes back from Electric Picnic. There are a few options there for her. Firstly, starting behind the bar. Let’s see how it goes with her.”