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Danielle Lloyd has shared the devastating news that she suffered a miscarriage. The mum was pregnant with her fifth child.

It is believed she was expecting a baby girl.

The model confirmed the heartbreaking news on Instagram by sharing a quote.


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It read, “I may have only held you in my womb for a moment, but I will hold you in my heart forever.”

She thanked fans for their supportive messages following the harrowing news.

“Thank you for all your lovely messages. Means so much to me and Michael,” she wrote.


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Danielle is a mum to four boys.

She shares three sons with her former husband Jamie O’Hara.

Danielle also has a 21-month-old son named Ronnie with her husband Michael O’ Neill.

Losing your baby is one of the most gut wrenching and heartbreaking losses. Our thoughts are with Danielle at this truly devastating time.




Congratulations are in order for Danielle Lloyd; she's expecting her fourth baby!

The former model announced the news last night that she is pregnant with her fiancé Michael O'Neill.

According to The Sun, the former model is hoping for a girl, after having three boys.

A source said: “This is really lovely news for Danielle and Michael.

“They kept it a secret when they first found out but Danielle has had her three-month scan and they feel comfortable enough to start letting people know.

“The baby is due around June, which is very exciting."

We're delighted Danielle is adding to her brood!



Danielle Lloyd has been left terrified after a “raging dog” attacked her while she was out on her bike.

The model was out with her fiancée, Michael O’Neill at the time and took to Twitter to share the details of the scary encounter.

“Thought I was going out for a nice day on the bike when we was attacked by a raging dog,” Danielle wrote.

“Lucky Michael was there and he saved me! A&E today,” she added.

Fans rushed to see if the model was OK, to which she replied to one fan: "Am ok but Michael wasn't so lucky horrible never been so scared."

We hope they're OK after that terrifying ordeal!


We wouldn't have singled her out as a candidate for weight-loss, but super-slim Danielle Lloyd seemingly worries about the odd like bulge just like the rest of us. 

But while we vow just to eat less cake, celebrities have a rather different approach.

Yes, the 31-year-old model took to Instagram recently to share with her fans her eye-catching Shrinking Violet shrinky suit. 


Just getting my sexy on round the house thanks to @evolveinchloss for my shrinky suit the lengths us women go to

A photo posted by Danielle Lloyd (@missdlloyd) on

And while Ms Lloyd is clearly gorgeous, this is definitely one get-up that's best worn strictly only in the comfort of your own home. 

Clad in a silver jacket and matching trousers, the mother-of-three playfully captioned the snap "just getting my sexy on round the house." She went on to thank @evolveinchloss for the item, adding: "The lengths us women go to."

The manufacturers say that after applying a ‘special solution’ to your problem areas you stick on the suit, wearing it for an hour.

"The solution is clinically proven to strip inches from the body, and instant results can be seen," it is claimed. 

They add: "One kit provides enough treatments for an entire month, in which time it is possible to shed a whole dress size."

Danielle divorced footballer Jamie O'Hara last year. The father of her three young sons, it was reported at the time that he had been unfaithful. 

However, recently Ms Lloyd has found love again: the former Playboy and Celebrity Big Brother star has been spotted out and about with handsome electrician, Michael O'Neil. 


Model Danielle Lloyd is well known for her toned body and hard work in the gym, so she's the last person we'd think would be up for artificial weight loss treatment.

But the star shocked fans when she shared an image of a skin-tightening procedure on her Instagram feed, as part of her preparation for bikini season.

Danielle captioned the picture, "Pro max lipo treatment followed by 30 mins intense body shape getting ready for summer."

Followers were quick to criticise the photo, with one commenter writing, "Waste of money in my eyes and waste of what i call gym dedication and hard work," and another saying, "Why would you need lipo treatment when there is clearly no fat there!"

Danielle retaliated shortly after, saying it was simply a skin-tightening treatment which was great for mums post-pregnancy, rather than invasive liposuction.

This isn't the first time Danielle has come under fire for controversial posts relating to her appearance. Shortly after Christmas, she posted this snap of herself looking super-slim in some revealing lingerie, with a caption complaining that she had gained weight and had to get "back to the gym."

Again, the post caused controversy among followers with followers accusing of her being being attention-seeking and promoting a negative body image. "Tbh, you're way too skinny and need to put on another few pounds love – you're sending soooo the wrong message:-( #lostrespect” wrote one commenter, with another adding "it was just an excuse for you to pose in your underwear. Your skinny and complaining you put on weight?! [sic] More to life than that!"

Danielle later deleted the picture and defended her post:

Maybe stick to the gym selfies for now, Danielle!



Model Danielly Lloyd is said to be granted the first part of her 'quickie' divorce from her footballer husband Jamie O’Hara later today.

The model filed for divorce back in September when photos of her husband on a night out with TOWIE star Maria Fowler proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Though Jamie is reported to have cheated on his wife with two women, it was this incident that is said to have led Danielle to file for divorce. 

Maria, who was Danielle's close friend at the time, later alleged that Jamie had tried to kiss her: “He tried to kiss me, but I told him to go home. I made it clear I wasn’t interested in him.” Danielle did not believe Maria's story at first but eventually came around to the truth. 

The court hearing in London is being held today and is expected to allow the couple to be officially divorced in the new year.

Danielle and Jamie had been married for two years before things began to go sour and are parents to three sons – Archie (4), Harry (3) and 18-month-old George. 



It’s barely been a month since model Danielle Lloyd cut ties with her cheating husband Jamie O’Hara, after he allegedly cheated on her.

She has kept a dignified silence on social media since the split, posting mainly family snaps of her three young sons. But now it seems the model has had another shock to deal with, after footballer Jamie was spotted out and about with Danielle’s friend Maria Fowler.

Maria and Jamie were seen leaving a Manchester nightclub together on Saturday night, before heading to a nearby hotel.

Former TOWIE star Maria took to Twitter yesterday to defend herself:

Meanwhile, Danielle also expressed her upset over social media, posting only this emotional quote:

Jamie and Danielle split up at the beginning of August, after the Sunday Mirror published an interview with a mystery woman who claimed she'd had sex with Jamie in his family home, while Danielle and the children were away.



Danielle O’Hara is not having a very good week as another woman has come forward claiming to have slept with her footballer husband, Jamie.

The woman in question, Sarah Bailey, told The Sun: “I’d no idea who he was. He said he played football and was divorced.”

Danielle not only deleted images from her Twitter account, including one of her wedding day, but she has also put their luxurious home up for sale.

This, and the fact that neither she nor her husband have commented on the rumours, leads many to speculate that they may be true.

This is very sad news, especially given that the couple share three sons together.