Model slammed for getting “lipo” despite being “too skinny”

Model Danielle Lloyd is well known for her toned body and hard work in the gym, so she's the last person we'd think would be up for artificial weight loss treatment.

But the star shocked fans when she shared an image of a skin-tightening procedure on her Instagram feed, as part of her preparation for bikini season.

Danielle captioned the picture, "Pro max lipo treatment followed by 30 mins intense body shape getting ready for summer."

Followers were quick to criticise the photo, with one commenter writing, "Waste of money in my eyes and waste of what i call gym dedication and hard work," and another saying, "Why would you need lipo treatment when there is clearly no fat there!"

Danielle retaliated shortly after, saying it was simply a skin-tightening treatment which was great for mums post-pregnancy, rather than invasive liposuction.

This isn't the first time Danielle has come under fire for controversial posts relating to her appearance. Shortly after Christmas, she posted this snap of herself looking super-slim in some revealing lingerie, with a caption complaining that she had gained weight and had to get "back to the gym."

Again, the post caused controversy among followers with followers accusing of her being being attention-seeking and promoting a negative body image. "Tbh, you're way too skinny and need to put on another few pounds love – you're sending soooo the wrong message:-( #lostrespect” wrote one commenter, with another adding "it was just an excuse for you to pose in your underwear. Your skinny and complaining you put on weight?! [sic] More to life than that!"

Danielle later deleted the picture and defended her post:

Maybe stick to the gym selfies for now, Danielle!