Between their new track, Shout Out To My Ex, and Perrie revealing that Zayn did indeed end their engagement by text, Little Mix haven't held back when it comes to Zayn-bashing recently.

But it looks like they may have gone too far if pushback on a recent Instagram post is anything to go by.

In a move which undoubtedly references Zayn's now infamously poor dance audition on The X Factor, Jade is seen being egged on by band mates while recreating Zayn's dodgy dancing.


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Unfortunately for the ladies, however, not everyone was impressed by the blatant put-down, with many Instagram users calling the girls out on their 'childish' mudslinging.

"LM needs to grow up," wrote one follower. "I can't believe these chicks are 23 to 25 yr old women but yet act 6. Like it ain't Zayn's fault he's no Justin timberlake or Chris brown, when it comes to dancing."

"Would u like if someone make fun of u for something they thought u didn't do right am sure u won't," added another.

"Instead of LM making fun of Zayn's dance moves from the past, maybe they should learn how to act they age instead of immature, ignorant petty women," raged another.

Well, that went well…