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There's something sad about reading about women 'feuding' with other women. We fight so hard for equality, we unite against #MeToo; we want to build each other up, not tear each other down. At the same time, not every woman will get on with each other, that's a normal fact of life. And certainly, women have been 'pitted' against each other for years, be there beef between them or not. Look at Britney vs Christina. Katy vs Taylor. Nicki vs Carli.

Another seemingly ongoing 'feud' played out in public this year in a way we never expected. There was always the rumours. Sex and The City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall played best friends on screen, but from the early stages of the series, the whispers started. Kim even went on to say publicly that the cast of four women shouldn't be expected to be friends in life just because they were colleagues. 

Then Kim's brother tragically passed away earlier this year and while she thanked her SATC colleagues for the support, she denounced Parker's sympathies in a separate post that confirmed the pair certainly didn't see eye-to-eye.  

"Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already)," she wrote on Instagram after Parker sent her condolences in a comment on the photo-sharing site.

"You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona." Sarah still insists the pair never feuded but this week, a photo has resurfaced that has fans wondering if the whole thing is bigger than both admit. 

And it's SATC's Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis who has inadvertently reignited the rift it seems. The actress posted an old SATC photo on Instagram ahead of the 70th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The photo, taken in 2004, shows Kristin with her co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker sitting at a table of Emmy Awards trophies.

The post noticeably excluded Cattrall leaving fans to speculate and voice their unhappiness with the move, saying it was "petty." Cattrall's Samantha was arguably the show's most popular character.

"I'm starting to understand why Kim decided not to make more films with you ladies," read one comment.

"Without Kim Cattrall SATC is nothing. Shame on you," said another.

"They didn’t earn those Emmys without her," added another.

Davis has yet to comment on the post and its backlash but we can't help but wonder (and feel a little bit saddened) by the rift that clearly lies between its beloved cast of women. 



Woah. We don’t know exactly what she did to get her so riled up, but veteran singer Bette Midler has slammed twenty-one-year-old star, Ariana Grande for her “silly high voice” and ridiculous music videos.

The sixty-eight-year-old Grammy- award winner spoke out in a revealing interview with The Telegraph about today’s young performers and it seems the Wind Beneath My Wings singer isn’t all too pleased with the way certain stars are presenting themselves in the media.

Taking aim at Ariana specifically, Bette said: “It’s terrible! It’s always surprising to see someone like Ariana Grande with that silly high voice, slithering around on a couch, looking so ridiculous. I wish they’d stop.”

Bette herself didn’t stop though, going on to say: “Trust your talent. You don’t have to make a who*e of yourself to get ahead. You really don’t.” We can't imagine what the Bang Bang singer will make of these harsh remarks this morning.

Despite having weighed in so heavily on the subject, the Oscar-nominated star then went on to say: “It’s not my business. I’m not her mother. Or her manager. Maybe they tell them that's what you’ve got to do.”

Is the beginning of the latest bizarre celeb feud?



Katherine Heigl has a reputation for being a major diva in Hollywood and one person who is always keen to fuel those rumours is Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, something which thirty-five-year-old Katherine struggles to deal with.

In a revealing and emotional interview with Mario Lopez, the Knocked Up star said: “I am sorry that she feels that way, and I wish her nothing but greatness, and I have nothing negative to say about Shonda.” Aw, does anyone else feel a little sad for Katherine right now?

Shonda was recently interviewed about the cast of her latest show Scandal and the 44-year-old director and producer couldn’t help but make a dig at the former Grey’s Anatomy star, saying: “There are no Heigls in this situation. I don’t put up with bullsh*t or nasty people.” Ouch.

Responding to Shonda’s comments and appearing to reach out to the director, Katherine says: “I’m sorry she’s left with such a crappy impression of me. I wish I could do something to change that. Maybe I will be able to someday.”

Katherine has been asked in the past to address the supposed feud with Shonda and has said: “Of course, just like any human being, I’ve made mistakes and unwittingly or carelessly spoken or acted, but I always try to make any wrong right.”

We think Katherine's most recent comments suggest just that she may be more affected by Shonda's remarks than we might have thought.

What do you think?