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Meghan Markle has become quite the style icon in recent years. Her elegant and chic looks are the envy of millions of women around the world.

The Duchess manages to look like a million dollars in the simplest of ensembles. Since becoming a member of the royal family, Meghan certainly has access to more designer threads and stunning pieces of jewellery than ever before.

The former actress had the honour of wearing Queen Mary's Filigree tiara on her wedding day. The beautiful bride was also spotted wearing an aquamarine cocktail ring from Princess Diana’s personal collection, which was a gift from husband Prince Harry.

Meghan’s engagement ring even features diamonds from Diana’s personal collection, but the Suits star has one very special piece of jewellery from her own collection that she hopes to pass on to her future daughter.

Forget about tiaras and diamonds, Meghan revealed that one day she wants to pass on one stunning item that she purchased herself.

The Duchess of Sussex bought this item when her show Suits was renewed for a third season. She celebrated by splurging on a £4,200 Cartier watch.

In 2015, she told Hello! Magazine: “I’ve always coveted the Cartier French Tank watch,” adding that her dream was to “give it to [her] daughter one day.”

Meghan even had “To M.M, From M.M” engraved on the Cartier French Tank watch. The watch features a classy chain-link bracelet and a delicate rectangle shaped face.

The dainty piece of jewellery is the perfect family heirloom, and it looks like Meghan isn’t the only royal family member who is a fan of the timeless piece.

It is understood that Princess Diana also owned a similar Cartier watch.

How sweet!


Jordyn Woods, honorary best friend of Kylie Jenner, celebrated her 19th birthday this week.


My brother and I

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The plus size model hosted a small gathering for her close friends, and got a very special gift from King Kylie.

Kylie splashed some serious cash on her pal, buying her a Ccartier bracelet that cost an estimated $25,000…casual.

At a fancy dinner hosted by the birthday girl, Kylie gave her a large pink box with the bracelet inside.

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The gift-giving process was documented on Snapchat, and it was obvious that Jordyn was delighted.

Kylie… can we be friends?



Now this is what we call a ring!

This beautiful Cartier engagement ring was given to Mary-Kate Olsen by her now fiancée, Olivier Sarkozy.

The ring is four carats, framed with sapphires and petals with single-cut diamonds.

Sold by Sotheby’s in February for $81, 250, the ring dates back to 1953 and originally belonged to a Tennessee jewellery collector.

The ring looks so extravagant that it’s price is surprising when you consider that Kanye spent $8million on Kim’s engagement ring! Well, he had to beat Kris Humphries effort at $2million, didn’t he?