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We’ve all been caught out by the “are you taking a video?!” gag after a full minute of standing still and trying not to blink for the camera. But this takes the biscuit. 

A Vine of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, child stars turned designers, has gone viral.

Why? Because it has been branded by many as "creepy" and "awkward"…yikes!

We can kind of imagine this is exactly what they are like ALL OF THE TIME.

Remember when they were like this? Those were the days!




Mary-Kate and Ashley have once again proved that they do know what they’re talking about when it comes to bridal chic.

The twin sisters designed a gorgeous wedding dress for their long-time pal, Molly Fishkin.

The Olsens definitely went for boho glam when it came to Molly’s bridal dress, and we really love the floaty lace sleeves, as well as it’s classy neckline.

Stills of Molly’s big day were released during the week from sweet snaps of the newlyweds to the designer twins placing their stunning creation on the bride-to-be.



Style twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have opened their first retail store – and it has its own swimming pool!

The new boutique, for their fashion label The Row, opened in LA earlier this week.

The sisters have placed a leather basket of plush towels beside it for anyone who fancies a dip mid-shopping!

Even the newly-engaged Mary-Kate has thought about getting in on the action.

“It’s really tempting,” she said.

The store has been converted from a hair salon that the sisters had both went to since they were children.

It’s divided into three areas they have called ‘galleries’, which have been laid out to look like a home – with a dining room, library, and even a living room!

While The Row retails in 188 stores across 37 countries, the LA boutique is the first stand alone store for the label.

A range of the sisters’ favourite Manolo Blahnik styles are also for sale in the boutique.




People may have raised an eyebrow when Mary-Kate Olsen got engaged to 44-year-old French banker Olivier Sarkozy, but let’s face it, we were all excited for an Olsen wedding.

In March, news broke of MK’s little sister Elizabeth’s engagement to her long-term boyfriend, actor Boyd Holbrook and rumours of a joint wedding began to surface.

At the recent Godzilla junket, a  journalist finally cornered the younger Olsen and asked her to put us out of our misery.

Were the rumours true? Apparently not.

“Someone asked me…if my sister and I are having a double wedding and I said, ‘No’.”

We’re definitely disappointed, but at least we’ll have two gorgeous weddings to swoon over!




Now this is what we call a ring!

This beautiful Cartier engagement ring was given to Mary-Kate Olsen by her now fiancée, Olivier Sarkozy.

The ring is four carats, framed with sapphires and petals with single-cut diamonds.

Sold by Sotheby’s in February for $81, 250, the ring dates back to 1953 and originally belonged to a Tennessee jewellery collector.

The ring looks so extravagant that it’s price is surprising when you consider that Kanye spent $8million on Kim’s engagement ring! Well, he had to beat Kris Humphries effort at $2million, didn’t he?