Fears for Louis as he admits he’s “on borrowed time”


He may not be the coolest, or most stylish judge on the X-Factor, but we can’t help but love Louis Walsh. It’s just a pity his ITV bosses don’t feel the same.

The Mayo man has admitted that he’s on “borrowed time” as the only reason he’s back on the show this year is because of Simon Cowell:

“Simon wanted me back this year. I don’t think ITV did.

“But Simon and I work well together and he knows that I love my job and I love music. I’m on borrowed time and I realise that.”

Pfft. Don’t listen to them Louis! We love you – and here's why:

He tried to be as cool as Kelly Rowland, and failed miserably. But he didn't care.

He's not afraid of a bit of over-exaggeration, which always makes things more exciting!

And he keeps on smiling even when Sharon throws water in his face, cause he's such great craic!

No one does back handed compliments like Louis.

And he's not afraid to show his emotions, like when Melanie McCabe returned – our hearts damn near broke.

If it weren't for Louis, the world would have never experienced the Jedward effect.  

And he ALWAYS sticks up for us Irish!