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Baby Stormi is clearly taking after her momma.

The almost one-year-old was handed a Louis Vuitton bag – and you better believe she knew what to do with it.

The tot slings it over her shoulder like a pro.


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The 21-year-old uploaded a video showing off Stormi with the bag bought by her aunty Kim.

Kim K splashed out on matching bags for all the baby girls in the family.

Kylie captioned the video: "Daddy dropped off a new chair for Stormi and omg this girl threw the bag over her shoulder I can’t."


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The chair that Travis bought his daughter is from a brand called KAWS.

Kylie also snapped a shot with the furniture and looked like an absolute Queen.

She slayed in all black to match the chair and had her blue hair up in a bun.


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Stormi is certainly a lucky little girl.

We can only imagine how big her first birthday party will be in February. 



Kylie Jenner's baby is just the cutest!

The model recently shared an adorable video of the mother-daughter duo dancing.

Baby Stormi shows off her dance moves in front of the mirror, while the two giggle along to the beat.


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The precious six-month-old bobs up and down to the tune in her stylish dungarees. 

She then wraps her arms around her mum in a loving embrace as we swoon over her baby charm.

Kylie captioned the darling video: "I love you so much it hurts".

We can't believe the little one can already stand on her own, let alone bust a move.


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The gorgeous mum loves her mini-me and tries to spend time with her as often as she can. Little Stormi loves soaking up the sun and having a good laugh with her mum.

The 21-year-old adores her sweet and eager daughter and could not help sharing the cute video online. 

It is amazing to see baby Stormi already developing a personality and loving the limelight, just like her mum.