Kylie Jenner's baby is just the cutest!

The model recently shared an adorable video of the mother-daughter duo dancing.

Baby Stormi shows off her dance moves in front of the mirror, while the two giggle along to the beat.


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The precious six-month-old bobs up and down to the tune in her stylish dungarees. 

She then wraps her arms around her mum in a loving embrace as we swoon over her baby charm.

Kylie captioned the darling video: "I love you so much it hurts".

We can't believe the little one can already stand on her own, let alone bust a move.


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The gorgeous mum loves her mini-me and tries to spend time with her as often as she can. Little Stormi loves soaking up the sun and having a good laugh with her mum.

The 21-year-old adores her sweet and eager daughter and could not help sharing the cute video online. 

It is amazing to see baby Stormi already developing a personality and loving the limelight, just like her mum.