Penneys is arguably the backbone of Irish fashion and homeware, and there's nothing quite like being able to say 'thanks hun, Penneys,' to someone after they fawn over your new dress/coat/couch cushions. 

However, before you get to that stage, there is the shopping in Penneys, and the transportation of your wares back home.

It is at this moment that the iconic Penneys bag comes in. 


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The brown paper bags with their Tiffany-blue font have carried many the pack of fluffy socks, new bedding or holiday wardrobes from the check-out to the homes of the Irish public. 

Woe betide you if it rained and went soggy, but other than that, the bags are an iconic beacon of nice new 'bits.'

Thanks to their famous, recognisable status, for April Fool's Day, the mega bargain brand decided to pay homage to the bag

In a tweet, Primark posted a series of images of a new brown paper bag inspired collection. 

From brollies to t-shirts to gorge heels, we were honestly considering snapping something up foir the irony factor alone – if only it actually existed. 

Good one, Penneys.