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At the end of a long week of work, politics and general drama, there are few things more tempting than a glass of red wine.

But for those in desperate need of a pick-me-up, Japan has found the ultimate solution.

Images from the Yunessun Spa Resort of Hakone have been doing the rounds online after it was discovered that the spa is home to a swimming pool filled with red wine.

For those wishing to follow in the steps of Cleopatra, the spa offers the opportunity to bathe in a red wine tank which is filled by a 12 foot bottle of the good stuff.

Because red wine contains resveratrol – an antioxidant which stimulates cell proteins – visitors can avail of the anti-aging benefits of vino while enjoying a glass or two mid-soak.


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And if wine isn’t your thing, the spa – which is located 100km west of Tokyo – will allow you to relax in pools of ramen, chocolate, green tea and coffee.

If there was ever a place to fill us with Wanderlust, this is most definitely it.

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What if we told you there was an alcoholic beverage that can make you look younger? You wouldn't believe us, right?

Well, as it turns out there is!

A new gin has just hit the UK market via Warner Leisure Hotels.The gin apparently works by adding pure collagen to the alcohol "as well as a mix of anti-aging botanicals to help people look younger whilst having fun," reports Mashable

The new wonder drink is called 'Anti-aGIN' and it claims to have "revitalising qualities" which include "healing sun-damage, being rich in minerals, inhibiting scar formation and [smoothing] cellulite." 

If it actually works, we think we'll be drinking gin for the rest of our lives. Now, who wants to buy a plane ticket to London?!



Oh dear, it seems in the quest for youthful skin, experts have looked to the vampire trend for some inspiration. Experts have discovered that injecting young blood is the key to anti-ageing.

According to the New York Times, scientists from various universities tested the young blood theory on mice and found that it reversed the ageing effect.

They injected older mice with the blood from younger mice and discovered that their muscles and brains were rejuvenated. Sounds like a horror movie to be honest.

However, it’s not just beauty that this theory could help – Stanford scientists found the young blood sped up muscle repair and Harvard researchers believe it could help damaged heart tissue. It may also help Alzheimer sufferers.

Frighteningly, Dr.Toren Finkel director of the Centre for Molecular Medicine at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute says: “We can turn back the clock instead of slowing the clock down. That’s a nice thought if it pans out.”

Benjamin Button comes to mind…


Spirulina is a natural algae powder that is incredibly high in protein and nutrients. When taken on a regular basis, it has many benefits that will help you feel and look beautiful.

It is a powerful antioxidant that helps people lose weight easily.

It helps fight against cancer and viral illnesses.

It improves a person’s immune system.

It has been proven to increase a person’s libido level.

Amino acids
It has high levels of amino acids which help prevent different heart diseases.

It contains many anti-aging properties that will helps prolong the skin aging.

If you want to get the total health benefits of spirulina, then it’s best if you buy the organic kind. Just add a spoonful into your smoothies and watch your body transform!



Aloe vera is actually a pretty amazing beauty product – it fights acne, nourishes skin and tackles the signs of ageing. Researchers are even looking into it as potential cancer-fighter.

The reason the aloe gel is so good is because it contains a number of antioxidants including beta carotene and vitamin C and E. The vitamins present keep the skin hydrated and improve its natural firmness – a perfect combination to fight skin aging.

The little plant also has antiseptic properties and hormones that promote cell turnover which is why it is so popular with acne sufferers. The gel’s anti-inflammatory wonder helps to reduce swelling and skin redness.

Having an aloe vera drink is a great way to detox as it helps eliminates waste from your body and aids digestion. It does have a slightly acquired taste but mixed with a smoothie it goes down well.

Why not invest in an Aloe Vera plant so you will always have the gel on tap.