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Aloe Vera

Puffy eyes are never something you want to wake up to… but we'd say the majority of people will be waking up with them on a Monday morning (and every early morning throughout the week too!).

But you don't have to suffer through the problem because there are a few great ways to banish those puffy eyes once and for all.

No more looking like a zombie as you catch the bus to work!

Chill two spoons and press on your eyes

This is easy and won't cost you anything. When you get up, pop a couple of cold spoons into the freezer. Let them chill for a couple of minutes then gently press on your eyes and the puffy areas for a minute or so. The cold  will reduce the puffiness in no time. 


Cotton and salt water

Hot water also works on puffy eyes when mixed with salt. The salt helps draw out the fluid that causes your eyes to swell. Combine a quarter of a teaspoon with two cups of warm water. Then soak the mixture in a cotton ball and press them on to your eyes. 


Tea bags

If you drink tea in the morning, don't toss out the tea bags! Save them for your puffy eyes. Lie down and press the tea bag to the puffy area. It will take about 15 minutes for the swelling to go down but it is an easy way to look fresh faced in the morning. 


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is great for reducing swelling. Use a small dab of the aloe vera under both of your eyes; but use caution to not get gel into your eye socket. Ouch! The gel not only feels good but you will have gorgeous bright eyes in no time!



Aloe vera is actually a pretty amazing beauty product – it fights acne, nourishes skin and tackles the signs of ageing. Researchers are even looking into it as potential cancer-fighter.

The reason the aloe gel is so good is because it contains a number of antioxidants including beta carotene and vitamin C and E. The vitamins present keep the skin hydrated and improve its natural firmness – a perfect combination to fight skin aging.

The little plant also has antiseptic properties and hormones that promote cell turnover which is why it is so popular with acne sufferers. The gel’s anti-inflammatory wonder helps to reduce swelling and skin redness.

Having an aloe vera drink is a great way to detox as it helps eliminates waste from your body and aids digestion. It does have a slightly acquired taste but mixed with a smoothie it goes down well.

Why not invest in an Aloe Vera plant so you will always have the gel on tap.