Zombies: the latest dating faux-pas that’s worse than ghosting

Okay, so we have all had experiences with guys or gals ghosting us, right?

You think everything is going well, until one day they pull a Houdini and escape from our lives forever, never answering our texts even though they seemed interested that time we went for drinks.

And even though you have totally debased yourself by double-texting, they're as ghostly as Casper but so not as friendly.

So now you're totally over them, haven't thought about them in weeks and have pulled yourself out of the ghosting funk that was haunting you, when suddenly your phone lights up with a text message.

Much to your immense shock, it's the ghost boy, back from the dead. 

This new dating phenomenon is called the zombie, and he's even more annoying than the ghost. 


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With this move, he has officially elevated himself from ghosting to being a zombie.

For all you knew, he could have been dead, but here he is, risen and walking among us. 

Attempting to resurrect a dead correspondence, especially after ghosting someone, is rarely going to go down well.

This is especially true if the zombie doesn't even acknowledge the passage of time that has occurred between the most recent message and the last one, and take some responsibility for it. 

Whether it's a straight up text message or the more subtle mind f*** of an Instagram like or comment, being a victim of the zombie really isn't nice, and can leave you wondering, "what does it all mean?"

The best thing to remember in these cases is that ghosting is seriously unkind treatment, no one deserves to be ignored by someone they care about. 

It's your choice whether or not you give the zombie another chance, but don't be surprised if they venture back into Casper territory and disappear again.