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Selena Gomez is getting real about almost everything in the latest issue of of ELLE. Not only is she talking about her past relationships, including Justin Bieber obviously, but she’s also talking about her relationship with the press.

According to the singer anything you have ever read about her in the tabloids is wrong. She said there were times she was supposed to be “pregnant” or “out of control” when really she was just doing her work.


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“It was a free-for-all where people said, 'Let's just stick her on every tabloid and exploit everything that's true or false.”

Since then, she’s moved from her old record label and “fired” her manager, who happened to be her mom. She explained that now she's in a new phase of her life where she wants to start taking more control over everything. She said about the management change: "I wanted to be a little uncomfortable." 


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Selena and her mom grew up in a rough neighbourhood in LA and she said there were times where her mom would keep her in the dark about certain things "out of the kindness of her heart, because she's been through so much in her life."

Aside from breaking up with the Biebs, she also bought herself a huge mansion in Calabasas and signed a contract with Pantene.

She explained the big changed by telling the magazine: "I wanted to be my own person. I wanted to test myself. I wanted to see if I could really do it." 

Although, despite all the changes she seems determined to make, she just can’t seem to escape her former flame. While she admits that she and DJ Zedd had a “thing” which is now over, she was less certain about a possible future with ex-Bieber.

“When asked about the possibility of rekindling things with Bieber, she laughed and raised her voice, yelling, ‘I don't know!’”


As die-hard Taylor Swift fans (shameless one, at that), we thought we knew everything there was to know about the Taylor/Calvin love story.

He's allergic to her cats but he puts up with it, they love a good gluten-free pizza and their favourite mode of transport is an inflatable swan. That's everything, right? Not quite.

Singer Selena Gomez, who happens to be one of Taylor's besties, was speaking on a New Zealand radio station this week when she dropped a serious bombshell about the couple. Chatting to hosts Guy Williams, Sharon Casey and Clint Roberts, Selena revealed that Taylor doesn't refer to her man as "Calvin," as we had all thought.

She doesn't call him by a nickname either, though. Nope, she calls him "Adam"…. which it turns out is his name IRL. Mind. Blown.

Selena made the comment when chatting about how hard to was to figure out whether to call her own ex-boyfriend Zedd by his real name, Anton.

"I made this deal," she said. "I said it to Calvin Harris too. I was like, ‘Look, you guys have two names. It really is frustrating. I need to know which name I should call you because I don’t know what is what. So I speak with the real names. Adam and Anton."

Hear the clip below from 5:25:

Born Adam Richard Wiles, Scottish DJ Calvin has been using his stage name for over a decade, but outside of work he prefers his birth title.

Of course, a couple wouldn't be a couple without some cutesy pet names, and a source reveals to HollywoodLife that Taylor does call her man "Addy" from "time to time."

Wonder if he calls her "Tay-Tay"?



Fans had high hopes for a reunion between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber after the pair were spotted out for dinner together in Beverly Hills late last week. But a source close to the star says that Selena decided it was time to move on once and for all after the date didn't go as expected.

"It was a huge disappointment for Selena because he’s basically the same Justin…all talk and all talk basically about himself," said the insider. 


"He was bragging about himself the whole time, and how 2015 was going to be his best and most successful year ever. Selena thought he was going to try and win her back and profess his undying love, but he didn’t."

Poor pet! At least she has someone to cheer her up, though – Selena's rumoured new boyfriend Zedd revealed a pretty telling picture of a Facetime session between the pair last night. 

The musician posted this snap of his new lady, who is in Atlanta filming her new movie, The Fundamentals of Caregiving:

Selena is seen laughing in the black-and-white picture, while wearing what looks like some seriously skimpy PJs, while Zedd smiles happily.

The budding romance was first revealed in a hand-holding PDA picture taken of the two after the Golden Globes.

​Selena also admitted that she's been "missing" Zedd while she's away on set, sharing another couple picture shortly after the pair finished Facetiming, with the caption, "missing la and this punk, just a little tonight, shooting starts soon!! Eeeeekkkk –Fundamentals of Caregiving!!"

We're glad to see Selena so happy again!



It would appear that Selena Gomez is all loved up – and for once it’s not with Justin Bieber! Rejoice!

The singer was spotted at last night’s Golden Globe Awards holding hands with musician, Zedd and didn’t seem bothered that everyone could see either!

We’re not sure how Selena’s ex Justin will feel about her new love, as Zedd has previously worked with Justin, co-writing Beauty and a Beat.

The musician posed on the carpet with his new rumoured love and Cara Delevigne with Selena looking at him lovingly.

This isn't the first time Zedd has appeared with Selena however, as her fans will have spotted him in a recent Instagram post where they have nicknamed te new rumoured couple Zeddlena. We like it! 

We really hope this is the start of something wonderful for Selena! Let’s face it, at this stage the girl deserves it!