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Many of us flock to Zara for the fab style and deadly sales, so it will come as a shock to many that we have been pronouncing Zara wrong the whole time.

According to Refinery29, one of its fashion team member travelled over to Zara headquarters in Spain and noticed that NOT ONE person was saying the name of the brand like we do.

And, since Zara originated in that region, we really should be giving it the same care as other brands, like Dolce & Gabbana.

So, are you ready to see the way it really should be said? Here we go…

Zara is pronounced "dzah-dah." Interesting, huh?

This is due to the Northern Castilian dialect where Zs are pronounced with a soft "th" sound, and Rs are closer to Ds.

To be honest, we're all for pronouncing it the right way, but we doubt the real way is going to catch on… or a lot of people are going to be VERY confused.



Girls, if your new fella displays any of these traits, turn slowly around…and run!

1. He checks your texts when you’re not looking
You go to the bathroom during a movie, and come back to find him reading all of your text messages. You blatantly catch him in the act and he’ll probably deny it to the ground.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-11572-1381172380-92. He always has to know WHERE you are and WHO you’re with
It’s not like you’re hiding it, it’s just the way he asks makes you actually want to lie…

Tell Me3. He tags along on all your girls nights out
Even though he says he hates all of your friends.

509945184. He shows up at your work to check up on you
If you work in a bank, this can be particularly alarming to the security guards. Just tell them you think he’s dodge.

knkn5. He texts you non-stop, even after you don’t reply
He’ll send you text after text after text, EVEN if you haven’t replied for hours. This is a very bad sign – keep away from this guy. Yes, he’s a creep!

FFF6. He talks about how he can’t wait to have kids with you
After two weeks?! Ya, see ya!


7. He’s a compulsive liar
He lies about everything, but never admits it even when he’s been caught out. But he always demands that you tell him the truth about everything.

Liar8. He tells you he loves you after 2 weeks
You might think it’s cute or sweet that a guy has uttered those 3 magic words, but think about it, what person can really know anybody after just a fortnight? It says a lot about his character if he says “I love you” after such a short period of time.

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