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The nation's sensation Teresa Mannion has just landed herself something spectacular, and frankly, it's a wonder nobody has thought about doing this before.

As we all know the presenter made herself famous following her brilliant weather report last year. She even made it on to Ellen.


Teresa has been asked to front a new Road Safety Authority driving campaign.

“What I really love about the whole response to it is that there is an important safety message at the heart,” she told The Sun.

“The mantra is ‘don’t make unnecessary journeys and don’t take risks on treacherous roads’, and it’s a really important safety message, so much so, that the Road Safety Authority have asked me to record ads for them, for radio and online.

“They want me to be a road safety ambassador because they saw the value in it, so I was delighted about that.”

Perfect job for Teresa, don't you think?


The Star Wars bug has well and truly hit us all; it's even made its way onto the weather reports!

Yesterday, on the Channel 5 news, the weather woman somehow managed to fit in a whole load of Star Wars references into a one minute report. 

Some of our fave phrases used were, "If you Luke father west," "The force is strong though," and "Then tonight, the weather strikes back."

But there's way more other references you need to hear too… especially if you're feeling the Star Wars buzz.  


If we remember anything about this year, it's that Teresa Mannion became a national hero as she tried to battle #StormDesmond and deliver a weather forecast at the same time. 

Yep, we all fell in love with that brilliant weather report; even Ariana Grande couldn't get enough of it.

Now, you may remember this handpainted Father Ted jacket that Irish artist, Hannah Hogan created earlier this year. Well, now she has made an even better one of Teresa. 

The detail is #onpoint, and the caption, "Don't take risks on treacherous roads" is something we will never forget hearing.

We're sure it's going to strike up a conversation no matter where you go. All we want to know now is how can we get our hands on it?! 


Weather reporter Teresa Mannion was hailed for her report on #StormDesmond last night. So much so it caused the people of Ireland to go mental on Twitter. 

These are just a few of the very funny tweets:

1. She's sure giving Adele a run for her money

2. And the puns were A1

3. Will Ireland be sporting a new make-up look soon?

4. Or is this really a cry for help?

5. And then this happened

6. Some were very concerned about her though

7. And others bowed down to her bravery

8. Which might actually happen

9. Because she totally deserves an award

10. How will she ever top that weather report now?!