Ariana Grande cannot get enough of Teresa Mannion’s weather report

While Teresa Mannion became a national treasure over the weekend, she also became a global phenomenon. 

While the RTE reporter was all over social media following the clip broadcast on Saturday, epic weather report was also picked up by news outlets all around the world. 

And so it seems that Teresa's storm Desmond reporting is not just hilarious to us Irish, as now we have a bona fide international celebrity enjoying the clip. 

Ariana Grande posted several Snapchat stories of herself and a friend enjoying the video before doing an impression of poor aul Teresa. 

And it's pretty clear that Ariana finds the whole thing HILARIOUS. 

Playing the vid at high speed, she and her dancer Brian can be heard giggling throughout the clip. The next video shows her and Brian doing an impression of Teresa in slow motion. 

Watch the hilarious clip below. 

Teresa Mannion, you are a legend.