These tweets prove how the Irish just can’t DEAL with the storm

It's only been a few weeks since Storm Barney hit us, and then its sister Storm Clodagh rushed onto our shores. 

And yesterday, we met Barney and Clodagh's big bro, Desmond.

Storm Desmond hit Ireland with a bang, with many roads closing and planes diverting to Shannon Airport and even Manchester Airport.

But that didn't stop us having the craic with Des though, as many people on Twitter proved that us Irish just can't deal with the windy weather:

1. Like the person with this sound advice:

2. The name is also a major talking point:

3. And we can't even see ourselves on the weather forecast:

4. Desmonds all around Ireland are taking offence too:

5. Saying that, not many people are keen on the name:

6. Not keen at all…:

7. And this tweet certainly speaks for the whole country:

8. But in the end, all we can do is hope it ends soon: