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First the coffee cup, which brand I refuse to name, and now this? It seems Game of Thrones can't quite escape the eagle eyes of its fan-base when it comes to errors made on-screen.

During the final episode of the eighth season, viewers noticed that a water bottle joined the infamous coffee cup that was shown in front of Daenerys Targaryen at Winterfell.

During a scene in which the group are literally deciding the fate of the Six Kingdoms (the North has gone solo, courtesy of Sansa), the blunder was in full view and it's pretty gas.

Things are getting thirsty down in King's Landing, is that Samwell Tarley that left his water bottle in full view? Also, plastic bottles are a big no-no since all the climate breakdown news has hit.

Get on board with reusable bottles, HBO, for the love of God.

Poor Sam was trying to educate the group of lords and ladies about this thing called DEMOCRACY and low-and-behold, the water bottle distracted the fans instead of his (shite) speech.

The show-runners will probably have to make yet another statement, after a takeaway coffee cup was seen amid the metal goblets during a Winterfell feast. Once again, HBO has room in their big budget for Keep Cups. Just sayin'.

Many fans have criticised the final season of the show for it's ridiculously rushed pacing towards the end, and destroying the arcs of many a character.

Over one million people signed a petition which called for a remake of the final season, and this certainly won't help David Benioff and DB Weiss win the GOT fanatics over. 

Feature image: HBO/insane_aki/Instagram


Woman feel societal pressure to slim down every day of the week, and that pressure can become intensified on the journey to walking down the aisle. 

Losing weight for your wedding has become the norm, with bridal fitness classes and crash diets littering the internet. 

Thankfully, the body positivity community has made gorgeous plus size brides more visible, but the pressure remains for many, and this can manifest in damaging slogans on workout products targeted towards brides-to-be.

One water bottle advertised on ASOS carries the slogan 'Shedding for the Wedding,' encouraging brides to tone their muscles for the big day. 

Discovered and tweeted by Danish body positive comedian Sofie Hagen, the responses under her original tweet are beyond hilarious. 

Rather than acknowledging the sad truth that the bottle is referring to toning up for the big day, Twitter users are responding with alternative meanings for the term 'shredding' and we're kind of living for it. 

Check them out for yourself for a bit of a laugh, but please remember: The only thing to shed from this situation is body negativity. 



Beset by an angry mob and being beaten by sticks, one man captured on camera fighting off his assailants in Istanbul has been widely praised online. 

And the individual in question has been identified on social media and by Turkish media as Irish citizen, Mohammed Fadel Dobbous.

Indeed, Kuwait-born Mohammed – furthermore described as a professional boxer – is being heralded as something of a hero for standing up to the mob of local shopkeepers.

He had been at a market in Istanbul's Aksaray neighbourhood and was seemingly looking for a bottle of water.

Upon opening the fridge door in one establishment, he sent dozens of bottles flying to the ground – something which evidently greatly irked the stick-wielding shop owner. 

A large group of fellow proprietors then came to defend their colleague, some carrying sticks or stools.

However, footage of the incident, which is believed to have occurred at the beginning of this month, shows the besieged man defying unfavourable odds by taking the attackers on one by one.

Even when Mr Dobbous has a stool thrown over him and one shopkeeper hits him repeatedly with a stick, he hardly seems to flinch. 

A spokesman for the Boxing Union Of Ireland told Mirror Online today that "there is no licensed boxer," by the name Mohammed Fadel Dobbous registered with them. The Irish Amateur Boxing Association has said it is currently looking into the matter.

The widespread support for the Irishman follows a series of crimes by shopkeepers in Turkey.

In July, a shopkeeper in Izmir, a location popular with European tourists, was accused of beating a Syrian child.

And in February a journalist was stabbed to death by a shopkeeper after he threw a snowball at a window during a playful snowball fight.