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A fan-made Harry Potter prequel film is currently breaking the internet – Voldemort : Origins of the Heir. 

The prequel follows the life (and lies) of Tom Morvolo Riddle, as he is pursued for his early crimes before he became the most powerful Dark wizard in history. 

More than six months after the original trailer was released, we have the full, hour-long feature film in our view.

The film begins with the disclaimer:

'This film is a non-commercial fan film made by fans for fans and is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or associated with Warner Bros. or J.K. Rowling.'

Warner Brothers Studios had a private discussion with the makers of the prequel, Tryangle Films, and allowed the film to go ahead as long as it was a non-profit project. 

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The storyline follows Grisha MacLaggen, heir of Gryffindor, as she searches for the soon-to-be-Voldemort after his murder of Hufflepuff descendant Madam Hepzibah Smith. 

The murder, famous in wizarding criminal history, is blamed on her house elf, but Grisha is convinced that Tom Riddle is guilty (and she's not wrong, spoiler alert). 

In case we give to much away, maybe you should watch it for yourself below.

Put the popcorn on: 




Belle and Lord Voldemort? Never…

The idea of those two characters falling in love is completely and utterly wrong… or so we all thought. But, YouTube channel PistolShrimps has created a new love story, and it's actually quite brilliant.

The clip replaces the Beast with the Dark Lord, and mixes scenes from Harry Potter with the upcoming remake of Beauty and the Beast.

However, it's kinda difficult to watch Belle (*cough* Hermione Granger) fall for Voldemort, after… you know, all they've been through together. 

It's a magical twist, and a mash-up we didn't know we needed in our lives. 



It has been nearly a decade and a half since the first Harry Potter movie hit our screens. 

And yet J.K. Rowling dropped a major bomb on fans yesterday when she reminded people of how wrongly they are pronouncing the name of a very important character.

In an interview with Time, the author discussed Harry Potter trivia, and backed up a point made on Twitter: 

Ms Rowling responded accordingly to let all her fans know that yes, indeed, we have been saying Voldemort all wrong. 

Yup, it seems the 't' at the end of Voldemort's name is silent.

It comes from 'mort,' the French word for 'death' which is pronounced with a silent 't.'

This isn't the first time she's had to clarify the point though. In 1999, at a book singing in California, J.K. answered a fan who asked about the correct way to say He Who Shall Not Be Named's name. 

"I say 'Voldemor' but I'm the only one," she told the fan. 

J.K doesn't seem too bothered or hurt about the whole thing, so hey, no harm done.