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YouTuber Zoe Sugg has decided to film her smear test for her five million subscribers and 9.7 million Instagram followers to educate them on cervical cancer screenings.

The 29-year-old warms at the start of the 43-minute-long video that it features "raw conversation around cervical screenings and cervical cancer" and "a teeny bit of blood (not up close!)"

Zoella rose to fame on the video-sharing platform years ago and has since decided to make her intimate health examination public to encourage more women to book in smear tests.

Zoe explains her reasons in her car prior to the appointment for bringing cameras with her, saying that she had asked professionals;

"Is there anything I can do to help encourage more women to book in their smear tests or make people feel a little bit more at ease when they get their letter through the post?".

She decided to dash the uncertainty by filming the whole process and passing on her fans' questions to a nurse; "After ten years of vlogging, this is a moment! I've never done this before!"


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Zoe first sits down with a nurse to discuss any concerns and questions from her subscribers, and the nurse urges anyone with worries to contact their GP and get more information.

She also explains how important it is to get the test done as young as possible, as it can detect cells which could later become cancerous.

Zoe then sits in the medical chair after changing into a gown, while the nurse talks viewers through the equipment she will be using. Zoe adds a timer to the screen to show how short the process is.

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The timer revealed that the test took only 48 seconds, and the vlogger didn't appear to be in any discomfort. There had been some blood due to the oestrogen in her contraceptive pill, the nurse mentions.

Zoella chats more to the nurse following the procedure and discovered that she had never found anyone to have cervical cancer in all her time of doing smear tests.

She did found evidence in the past of cells which needed removing as soon as possible before they became dangerous. The nurse also urges viewers to check their breasts for lumps.

Zoe was praised by fans for using her platform for a worthy cause, seeing as the procedure is incredibly important for women's health.

Smear tests check for any abnormalities in the cervix which could cause cervical cancer if left untreated, and are offered to women aged 25 and above by the state.

New data from the charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust found that those aged 25 to 35 are put off by the idea of a stranger examining them, and the latest figures show that cervical screening rates among all ages are at their lowest in 20 years.

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Romee Strijd is one of our favourite Victorias Secret Angels. 

Unlike most models, the statuesque blonde also manages and creates content for her own successful self titled YouTube channel, which boasts over 717,000 subscribers. 

Romee's most recent vlog has us seriously excited, as the model is showcasing to the world what it's really like to walk in one of the most-watched fashion events in the world. 

Her vlog kicks off with a flurry of pink carpet outfit fittings, press announcements and bag packing to jet to Vegas after the show. 


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Most of us probably assume that the VS angels are completely fearless when it comes to the show, but as it turns out, Romee has a whole category of worries none of us would ever have considered. 

Speaking about being chosen to wear the coveted Swarovski outfit, the Amsterdam native said: 'Im honoured. It has over 120k crystals, but the wings are super, super, SUPER heavy though. That's why I'm a little scared for it, because the heels are also super super high.'

However, with her boyfriends flying in to support her, Romee is extremely excited despite her apprehensions. 


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She brings her vlogging camra backstage and showcases the process of getting ready for the event – from nails to final fittings to donning wings. The chosen nail shade for the show is a pale pink, and right after her manicure Romee looses her voice completely. 

The vlogging camera then captured Romee talking about something we never ever knew, and we were pretty shook. 

When we think of the VS Fashion Show, we think one one massive, blow out catwalk show, but actually, the show happens TWICE and then the best walks and performances of the show are edited together into one – the TV special the public sees on December 2nd. 


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Romee shows herself getting ready for both shows, as a number of backstage stylists help her get into her lace-up shoes. 

The model also took her camera onto the pink carpet and into the after party – where things got lit. 

In true supermodel style, Romee nursed her hangover with a pot of porridge on a private jet (casual) trip to Vegas.


Kylie Jenner was the talk of Tinsel Town when, aged 16, she went under the aesthetician's needle and opted to plump her pout with some lip fillers. 

As the Kardashian's worst-kept secret. Kylie's filler work quickly came to light, and prompted a huge upsurge in the popularity of the procedure. 

Last month, Kylie created a stir once again when she took to Instagram sans filler, saying she had had her filler dissolved.

Since, Kylie has appeared with new fillers, and while it's now no secret that she has them, no one knows the exact process and story behind how she got them. 

She previously cited her lips as an insecurity of hers, and in a recent tweet, told fans that she will be releasing a vlog about her experiences. 

However, when we can expect this video is still a mystery. 


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Kylie is editing the video herself, she revealed.

'The vlog is just a whole mess & I’ve been the busiest I’ve everrrr been. I’m editing myself. It’s about my whole lip filler journey. I hope it comes out soon,' she tweeted. 

With Kylie being a new Mum and enjoying her 21st birthday celebrations, we may be waiting a while. 



Mega-model Karlie Kloss is known for her iconic walks down the Victoria's Secret runway. 

Unlike most models, the statuesque blonde also manages and creates content for her own successful YouTube channel, called Klossy, which boasts over 627,000 subscribers. 

Karlie's most recent vlog has us seriously excited, as the model is showcasing to the world what it's really like to walk in one of the most-watched fashion events in the world. 


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Karlie documents the angels' arrival in Shanghai, China, as well as all of the preparation required for the show. 

The model revealed that it takes an incredible 12 hours to get ready for the show – no wonder they look so good.

'The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a global phenomenon, there's not many fashion shows in the world that the whole world tunes in for, so this is a very special show,' Karlie gushes, as she sits in the hairdresser's chair to have her icy locks blow dried to bouncy perfection. 


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Karlie even takes her viewers to the restricted access sections of the show, showcasing never-before-seen areas (we even get a glimpse of where they store the angel wings before the show).

VS angels like Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, Bella Hadid and Romee Strijd all feature in the video. 

From the outfits hanging on the racks to the extensive body makeup applied, it's an eye-opening experience. 


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This year's show will also be Alessandra Ambrosio's last show, and Karlie captures her final speech to her model counterparts before they hit the runway. 

Bella Hadid also gets whacked in the face with an angel wing, if that's your thing. 

From the blisters, the teams that make it all happen and the pre-show sing song, check it out below: