Kylie Jenner is making a vlog about lip fillers, because we need details

Kylie Jenner was the talk of Tinsel Town when, aged 16, she went under the aesthetician's needle and opted to plump her pout with some lip fillers. 

As the Kardashian's worst-kept secret. Kylie's filler work quickly came to light, and prompted a huge upsurge in the popularity of the procedure. 

Last month, Kylie created a stir once again when she took to Instagram sans filler, saying she had had her filler dissolved.

Since, Kylie has appeared with new fillers, and while it's now no secret that she has them, no one knows the exact process and story behind how she got them. 

She previously cited her lips as an insecurity of hers, and in a recent tweet, told fans that she will be releasing a vlog about her experiences. 

However, when we can expect this video is still a mystery. 


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Kylie is editing the video herself, she revealed.

'The vlog is just a whole mess & I’ve been the busiest I’ve everrrr been. I’m editing myself. It’s about my whole lip filler journey. I hope it comes out soon,' she tweeted. 

With Kylie being a new Mum and enjoying her 21st birthday celebrations, we may be waiting a while.