People are taking pics on a FAKE private jet for Insta – sad or rad?


If you let it, Instagram could lead you to believe that everyone on the feed leads charmed lives, full of holiday sunsets, gifts from the boyfriend, and cocktail boomerangs. 

It's usually a snippet of the best part of people'#s lives, which is bad enough when it's coming from people we actually know, but throw celebrities and influencers into the mix, and it becomes a medley of 5 star hotel stays, Maldives snapshots and, more frequently, private jet photo shoots.

The private jet picture is the ultimate Insta-brag – a showcase of wealth, wanderlust and excess. Of course, a regular Joe or Jane wouldn't be able to create this coveted brag thanks to the extortionate cost of flying private (we will take our middle seat on a Ryan Air flight any day thanks to the cost of premium air travel). 


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Now however, one artist is bringing the private jet experience to us mere mortals, in an attempt to draw attention to the fact that people definitely shouldn't be believing everything they see on social media.

The LA-based Matty Mo has designed a private jet set-up, complete plane style windows with light pouring in, glasses of champagne and leather bucket style airplane seats.  

The set is currently living in an LA branch of Fred Segal – as part of social media art hub Selfie Circus. 


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The pictures look incredibly convincing – if we didn't know any better, we would just assume that these selfie queens were jet-setting in style. 

"The Private Jet Experience was created because we wanted to be able to take pictures on a private jet like all of the celebrities we see online," the artist said, in a statement to Insider.

"Most people cannot afford a real jet, so we made one that democratises access to a backdrop previously reserved for the rich and famous."

We definitely think it's an amazing concept that draws attention to Instagram vs Reality culture. 

Feature image: Instagram / Kelsey Castro