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We all like be comfortable on a long haul flight (or a short one ever, idf we're being honest!)

And I challenge you to tell me of a more comfortable shoe than a gloriously fluffy pair of UGG boots.

Well, if you love hitting the airport in a cosy UGG boot, you may want to reconsider ever flying with Qantas Airlines (one of Australia's most popular). 

Joanne Catherall, a singer from The Human League, was recently turned away from a Qantas Airlines business lounge because she was wearing UGGs. 

Apparently, the airline deemed Joanne's UGG boots as 'sleepwear' – which is banned from business and first class lounges.

It all sounds a little extreme, if you ask us. 

Also, does anyone else see the irony in the fact that UGGs are banned from an AUSTRALIAN airline – the birthplace of the UGG brand.

This is also not the first case of an airline attempting to police a woman's attire this year. 

In March of this year, United Airlines made headlines  when they prohibited a young girl from boarding a flight because she did not meet their dress code policy. 

She was wearing leggings… I mean, REALLY? 

What do you think, ladies? Do airlines have a right to dictate what we wear? 



When you think of UGG boots, you probably think of the year 2003.

And that's fair enough. The Australian company basically took over the footwear market (as far as teenage girls were concerned) in the early noughties.

If you remember correctly, Juicy Couture and Von Dutch trucker hats were also a pretty big deal at the time.

Today however, they have basically become a taboo in the fashion world. They don’t even make it into that ironically vintage category yet.

Except the brand is evolving. In fact, over the last number of years, Ugg boots have been getting a serious makeover. The results? Not the fluffy contraptions you had come to know so well.

In January, Vogue was all about embracing the "ugly shoe". They look great with a vintage dress and chunky knit, and according to the fashion bible's own Laura Weir:  "That's how I wore mine in the South of France last summer."

 Quite a change from how we have come to view the fuzzy boots since they first arrived:

Below are just some of the samples we found on their website, and we have to admit, they're not half bad.

You can’t really deny that Ugg boots were a real winner in the comfort department, so we shall have to wait and see how the new and improved versions fare.

Not a hint of fleece to be found here (€190):


Not just boots anymore either (€160):

The UGG take on the over-the-knee trend (€230):

These might be our favourite pair so far (€190)

This pair are fully lined with sheepskin… such luxury (€420):




Jamie Lynn Spears and her partner Jamie Watson got married in secret last week at a lavish ceremony in New Orleans, Louisanna.

The Zoey 101 star however decided to chose comfort over style by opting to ditch her wedding heels for a pair of Ugg boots instead.

The bride was caught looking a little worse for wear as she headed to a nearby bar for her after wedding celebrations still wearing her wedding dress and Ugg boots.

Jamie’s famous sister Britney was also spotted at the wedding ceremony wearing a beige dress, but like her sister avoided contact with the paparazzi.