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When you think of UGG boots, you probably think of the year 2003.

And that's fair enough. The Australian company basically took over the footwear market (as far as teenage girls were concerned) in the early noughties.

If you remember correctly, Juicy Couture and Von Dutch trucker hats were also a pretty big deal at the time.

Today however, they have basically become a taboo in the fashion world. They don’t even make it into that ironically vintage category yet.

Except the brand is evolving. In fact, over the last number of years, Ugg boots have been getting a serious makeover. The results? Not the fluffy contraptions you had come to know so well.

In January, Vogue was all about embracing the "ugly shoe". They look great with a vintage dress and chunky knit, and according to the fashion bible's own Laura Weir:  "That's how I wore mine in the South of France last summer."

 Quite a change from how we have come to view the fuzzy boots since they first arrived:

Below are just some of the samples we found on their website, and we have to admit, they're not half bad.

You can’t really deny that Ugg boots were a real winner in the comfort department, so we shall have to wait and see how the new and improved versions fare.

Not a hint of fleece to be found here (€190):


Not just boots anymore either (€160):

The UGG take on the over-the-knee trend (€230):

These might be our favourite pair so far (€190)

This pair are fully lined with sheepskin… such luxury (€420):




The pressure to be "cool" as a teen took over every aspect of our lives – most notably our style choices.

"Camouflage combats are in? Okay, I'll be needing them for my Confirmation outfit, thanks mam."

"Hair mascara is the new thing? Best get it in neon pink AND yellow, to be safe."

Let's be honest, you were nothing as a Noughties teen if you didn't have at least one of the following questionable items at your disposal…

1. A tattoo choker
So edgy. Bonus points if you had the multicoloured version – it went with EVERYTHING. In a move that nobody could have predicted, these have actually come back into fashion in a big way – we're as baffled as you are.

2. A pair of platform Skechers
Or any kind of Skechers, really. The platform kind were for special occasions but if you were lucky your mam might let you wear them into town on a Saturday too. Instant cool.

3. A Juicy Couture velour tracksuit
Style and functionality! Well, yours was actually from Penneys but it still had diamante on the bum. 

4. Avril Lavigne everything
Straight hair and eyeliner were only the beginning. The Noughties rock chick was nothing without low-rise combats, a "vest top" and a rake of studded leather bracelets.

5. A pair of ill-fitting jeans
If we could just go back to 2004 and gently point our 15-year-old selves in the direction of skinny jeans, things would be so different. Back then it was all about the flares, rolled up with heels if you wanted to look sexy for the disco.

6. Coloured UGG boots
Basically a giant version of a baby bootie. Perfect.

7. A silver bellybutton bar
Preferably with a jewelled butterfly or star hanging off it. Shudder.

8. A boob tube
Now that we actually have boobs, it has become painfully clear that the strapless look is not for everyone. Back then though, it was fair game.