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New pictures have emerged of Justin Beiber being held up by the throat by rapper Post Malone.

Post Malone is supporting Bieber on his Purpose world tour, and while the pair were partying with their entourage in Houston, things became a little heated.

According to the Daily Mail, earlier in the evening Justin used Post's arm "as an ashtray."

Things then became a little heated and Post put his hand around Justin's neck. And let's be honest, Justin looked very startled by the whole thing.

In a video at the club, Malone is seen performing a song, and it is then that Justin stubbed out his cigarette, yet the rapper kept on going. Afterwards, Justin was seen rolling his eyes.

Whether there's bad beef between them, or this is all in good fun, we don't know. But the whole scene looks very serious, so we hope they can sort things out before it gets out of hand.

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Kanye West might of had a little Twitter meltdown last night, but Brian McFadden really took the biscuit for being abusive on social media.

The former Westlife singer sparked a very foul-mouthed rant on Twitter after a fan insulted his career.

Brian took to the social media site to tell people about his stint on The Jump. He wrote, "This year @TheJumpC4 has gone to new heights!" which he tweeted along with a picture.

However, one user took a dig at the star saying, "Unlike your career hey?!"

But the dad-of-two, who obviously didn't see it as a joke, wrote back: “Shut your face c***!"

And he didn't stop there: "Or I'll find your IP address, find out where you live and strangle you with your f***ing mouse."


Then another Twitter user chimed in and said: "I'd be angry to, if I had to resort to dreadful reality TV to make a living!"

But not one to back down, Vogue's ex said: "As angry as you working in tesco and shopping at lidl?"

The tweets have since been deleted, but not before some eagle-eyed Tweeters took snapshots of them.

We know it's not nice to insult, but we think Brian took it a tad too far here.