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Knowing something is bad for you doesn't necessarily stop you from doing it, which is why you probably drink fizzy drinks from time to time. 

And while you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who'd recommend drinking a can of Diet Coke a day, new research suggests that it's not one can that will put your health at risk, but two or more regular servings a day could really tamper with your health – especially when it comes to your heart. 

A Swedish study published in the medical journal, Heart, tracked soda consumption and risk of heart failure among more than 42,000 individuals over 12 years.

The individuals who drank at least two fizzy drink servings a day had a 23 percent greater risk of developing heart failure during the study.

However, what the researchers didn't mention is if there's a difference between sugar-sweetened beverages (like regular Coca-Cola) and artificially sweetened beverages (like Diet Coke), so rather to be safe than sorry, both diet and regular sodas appear to have an equal risk with heart failure.

We think we'll stick to water now…


Jones was the fizzy drink of choice for every teenager back in the 2000's. 

The red and blue-coloured drink was (and still is) popular for many, but now the soda brand has welcomed a pumpkin pie flavour to it's crew. 

With over a month to go until Halloween, it seems the world is becoming obsessed with pumpkin-flavour everything, from spiced lattes to scones and even pumpkin-spiced cupcakes. 

The autumn flavour is only available for a limited time, adding to the line of both strange and classic flavours that has built a cult following over the years. 

But pumpkin-pie isn't the only limited-edition flavour that is going to spice up your life as Jones have also introduced Blood Orange and Lemon Drop Dead; all in time for the festivities next month.

The autumn launches are each covered with haunting cartoon zombie and mummy faces, adding to their thrill of the scary day. 

The limited-edition drink will be available online and in selected stores. You can find your nearest store here


This is scary!

We all have some vices we’d rather not have such as smoking, drinking alcohol or even watching TV.

But what exactly are these vices costing us?

This video shows us exactly what we are losing out on and what we can gain from giving up our bad habits.