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Many of us have younger brothers, they are ridiculously irritating and we still wrestle into adulthood over the remote, but that’s love for you. Here are signs that you grew up with a younger brother.

1. You know the qualities you want in a man
If he’s not as kind and caring as your brother then he’s just not good enough.

2. You have to deal with inappropriate comments from his friends
Never gonna happen, move on.

3. He immediately forms an opinion on that guy you like, and he’s always right in the end
Don’t you just hate that…

4. “I’m telling my brother about this”
Big mistake breaking my heart mister, big mistake…

5. You hate any girls who have a slight interest in him
He was your baby brother before she started eyeing him up like a piece of meat, hands off lady.

6. You used to spend hours on end playing Xbox together
Even if you were useless, he still let you play and you had so much fun.

7. You deny the stupid things you do when friends are over
“Hey remember that time you made that really hilarious, ugly face…” “Uh that didn’t happen, god you are so weird sometimes.”

8. You’re distraught when his voice breaks and he starts growing facial hair
What is happening? Be a baby again please, this whole growing up thing just isn’t okay with me. 




Oh brothers! You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. They can be your greatest support system, your inspiration and your rock. As well as being total brats, smelly eejits and incredibly insensitive. But still, there are so many things every girl can learn from her brother. Like these!

1. That All Men Are A Child At Heart


It doesn’t matter what decade of their life they’re in: they will still play video games, call you stupid and laugh at their own farts.

2. The Extent Of A Mammy’s Love

Mammys Boy

In every Irish family it’s known that the daughter becomes more of a friend towards her Mother. You go with her to Aldi, help her with the laundry and gossip with her about the latest scandal. But for her little prince, she’ll use up all the food in the house to keep him fed and iron his pillowcases.

3. How To Give Powerful Dead Legs

Chinese Burns

We’ve all been beaten up by our brothers. Whether it’s kicking, punching, wet willies, wedgies, dead legs or Chinese burns (is there a more PC term for that these days?!), it has happened to you. But what this teaches you is how to withstand pain. And get your own back…

4. How To Stay Grounded


You’ve found out that you’ve exceeded your own expectations in your summer exams, you got a great job and life is pretty sweet. Brothers have their own special way of telling you: “I’m proud of you, but don’t get ahead of yourself.”

5. How To Eat Like An Absolute Pig


If you have brothers, you know you need to get to the fridge first on a weekend, otherwise you'll starve. It's like they inhale everything…

6. The Honest Male Point of View

Males Perspective

Brothers aren’t afraid to tell you you’re acting batsh*t crazy. They’ll always offer you honest dating advice, give you a good insight into the male mind. 

7. When To Stop Whining

stop whining

No matter how hard your life seems your brother will have no hesitation in telling you to shut up. In all fairness, they usually only say this when your hair straightener breaks or you’ve run out of tan mid legs and are in floods of tears over these disasters. 

8. What’s “Hip”?


Fact: You will never as cool as your younger brother. It seems that no matter what band you listen to or which social media website you engage with, they will always be one step ahead of you. When you do manage to impress them with your “hipness” they will pat you on back, leaving you a bit bewildered.

9. That It’s Not Just You Who Feels Their Family Is Insane

family crazy

They’ve attended every family event with you, have sat through numerous families dinners and have gone through all the rows with you. It’s good to know that you’re not the only one who thinks that aunt Emma is an absolute nut or uncle Karl is a sensational bore.

10. How To Deal With “Sharing” Your Food

stealing food

You’re lucky if your brother asks you “Are you going to finish that?” You’ll be sitting there, happily munching away on your dinner, merry with life until you look down to discover your plate has been conveniently moved over to where your brother is sitting.

11. That Boys Will Always Be Boys

boys will be boys

Even though there may be busts up, food stolen and you get teased day in-day out, we still love our brothers more than anything. After all, if you can’t beat them, join them.

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Everyone can always tell when someone is an only child. But they never think of the things WE had to deal with as a result of being an only child. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows y’know!

1. Dealing with people who say: “But you don’t seem like an only child”

enter image description here

What does that even mean?

2. Two-player video games are always a bit tricky

enter image description here

Teddy = Player Two. Weep.

3. People who accuse you of being a bit spoilt

enter image description here

Thing is, sometimes you ARE a little selfish…Oh well. Hey, that’s MINE!!

4. The way twins relate to The Parent Trap

enter image description here5. You relate to The Shining

enter image description here

6. You get VERY close with your BFF because they’re like a sibling to you

enter image description here7. In general, you tend to prefer the company of older people

enter image description here

Because kids be cray.

8. ’90s TV shows made you a bit sad. There were so many siblings!

enter image description here9. Apart from Sabrina of course

enter image description here

10. One Christmas you even asked Santa for a little brother

enter image description here

Guess he got stuck in the chimney :(

11. You’re not great at confrontation

enter image description here

You were never wrestled by an older brother, how do people even fight?

12. People LOVE asking you if you had imaginary friends as a kid

enter image description here

In fact you were friends with the friends of those imaginary friends.

13. You’re still learning how ‘housemates’ work

enter image description here

The basics of cohabitation don’t come naturally.

14. At times your parents were a little overbearing

enter image description here15. Small talk kind of ends when people ask: “Do you have siblings?”

enter image description here16. Christmas isn’t a great turn out

enter image description here17. The whole unwrapping of the presents never takes very long

enter image description here18. But in general being an only child is AWESOME

enter image description here19. Only child = the best child!

enter image description here

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Marine Daniel didn’t think he’d make to his sister’s wedding day, but was able to surprise her by showing up at the last minute.

This video really brought a tear to our eye.



Looks like Kim Kardashian’s half-brother Brandon Jenner has taken a leaf out of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s book.

The 32-year-old took to Instagram to share a video mocking his sibling’s recent sultry Insta-clip in which she flips her hair in slow motion in a swimming pool in Thailand.

“We all know who’s the hottest @Kimkardashian,” Brandon captioned the hilarious clip.

This YouTube video captures the spoof perfectly.



After nearly 20 months of travelling, one brother decided to give his sister a birthday surprise that she would never forget.

Get the tissues ready, you will need them.