8 signs that you grew up with a younger brother

Many of us have younger brothers, they are ridiculously irritating and we still wrestle into adulthood over the remote, but that’s love for you. Here are signs that you grew up with a younger brother.

1. You know the qualities you want in a man
If he’s not as kind and caring as your brother then he’s just not good enough.

2. You have to deal with inappropriate comments from his friends
Never gonna happen, move on.

3. He immediately forms an opinion on that guy you like, and he’s always right in the end
Don’t you just hate that…

4. “I’m telling my brother about this”
Big mistake breaking my heart mister, big mistake…

5. You hate any girls who have a slight interest in him
He was your baby brother before she started eyeing him up like a piece of meat, hands off lady.

6. You used to spend hours on end playing Xbox together
Even if you were useless, he still let you play and you had so much fun.

7. You deny the stupid things you do when friends are over
“Hey remember that time you made that really hilarious, ugly face…” “Uh that didn’t happen, god you are so weird sometimes.”

8. You’re distraught when his voice breaks and he starts growing facial hair
What is happening? Be a baby again please, this whole growing up thing just isn’t okay with me.