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This year’s Christmas panto is going to gas.

Polly and the Magic Lamp pokes fun at the Disney classic Aladdin with one of the most hilarious casts to ever hit Ireland’s theatres.

Mrs Brown Boys Rory Cowan will be playing Polly, the main star of the show.

He will be joined by Fair City’s Ryan Andrews, pop artist Jake Carter, Dancing with the Stars Erin McGregor, and West End star Rob Vickers.

And today another big name has confirmed his part in the upcoming, fun-filled panto as well…

James Patrice, social media influencer, best known for his witty Instagram posts and sensational snapchats.


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The presenter was in disbelief when he received the callback for this holiday season’s panto.

“HOWAYA GENIE”, he joked. “Beyond excited to be playing the Genie in this year’s panto! I’m not gonna lie, I nearly [sh*t] me-self when I got the call.

“And to be sharing the stage with a PHENOM group of people is a mahoosive cherry on top. Can’t wait to see some of me Moira’s in the audience – Bridie O’Donoghue will be sickened!

“It’s going to be a fabulous festive season, gals.”

Erin was equally thrilled sharing the news as well.

“Such a great cast to get to work with. The first question everyone asked me after DWTS was “so what’s next?“ I honestly never knew.

“I just believed if I turned up with an open mind and a willingness to work that the right thing would appear .. ALWAYS BELIEVE, it’s never too late.”

We are so excited for Polly and the Magic Lamp to make its Christmas debut.

The show will run from December 21st until January 6th, and we cannot wait to see it.


Rory Cowan, who entertains millions with his role in Mrs Brown's Boys, has opened up about the barrage of homophobic abuse he has received on Twitter.

Speaking on Today with Katie Hannon on RTÉ Radio One, the popular actor revealed that he had been compared to prolific ex offender Jimmy Savile by online trolls.

Opening up about the extent of the online abuse, Rory admitted that the level of abuse he received left him shaken.

"This was so vicious and so quick, it was like a kick in the stomach," he told the show's host.

"I was actually sick to my stomach, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and all because of one response I gave to a tweet."

Elaborating on the nature of the anonymous tweets he received, Rory said: "One person said ‘I saw you at the hospital with the kids, shades of Jimmy Savile off you."

"If I had a child in hospital I would take them out if it they were going to be presented with people like you," the anonymous user added.

The actor confirmed that he has sought legal advice from his solicitor who, with the help of the Gardaí, is trying to establish whether the posts originated in Ireland or overseas.