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Last Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians saw a glimpse of Lamar Odom in hospital – and it was a very scary sight.

However, just after the show aired, Khloe sent out very cryptic messages on Twitter, which we're guessing were aimed at her former hubby.

Just hours before the tweets and episode went online, TMZ published photos of Lamar drinking whiskey in a bar at the Beverly Centre in Hollywood.

This is what she had to say: 

 Now, we know it's not solid proof that these tweets were about Lamar, but with his recent behaviour we can see why Khloe is disappointed.


Ah, Kanye. Yes, yes, we know he's become super annoying and we just can't stand him going on another ridiculous rant, but we have to say, he pulled this one out of the bag.

After the rapper tweeted a picture of him listening to music on Youtube, eagle-eyed Deadmau5 spotted that Kanye was using an illegal torrent site.

The DJ slammed Kanye in a bunch of tweets, but really, it's Kanye – and Deadmau5 probably should have known better.

Mr West ripped it out of him, and to ne honest, it's genius:

Ah, Kanye. Fair play with this one.



Honestly, they were amusing at first, but Kanye is taking his Twitter rants a bit too far now.

This time he hit out at the Grammy Awards, then tried to shut down concerns about his mental health, and he also made a really big promise we doubt he's going to keep.

He started off with trying to reach out to Neil Portnow, the president of the Recording Academy:

He then accused the Academy of racism:

Next, Kanye tried to tell the world that he's not crazy:

Then he made THIS statement:

And a promise he certainly won't keep. Come on Kanye, you JUST released a new album a few days ago:

All we're wondering is how the HELL Kim puts up with this. 


Not only is Kanye causing rifts in the music business, he's also making a rift between his wife's family.

People have revealed that Kris Jenner isn't too happy with her son-in-law's Twitter rants of late and thinks he's going way too far.

A source close to the momager said: "Kanye said embarrassing things that affect the whole family.

"Kris told Kim that she was concerned over his outbursts, his tweets and unnecessary attention-seeking."

But apparently, the talk between mother and daughter didn't go so well and Kim basically told her mam to "butt out."

"Kim asked Kris to stay out of it. It got a little heated."

To be honest, we're s little sick of him freaking out at EVERYBODY, and let's be honest, he seems like a really sore loser.

We're just surprised Kimmy K is putting up with it all. 



We know couples need to stick together and support each other, but Kim Kardashian has been keeping relatively quiet on the topic of Kanye's recent Twiiter rants.

As we all know, Kanye began this month full of drama and freaked out at mostly everyone on the social media site – and Kim isn't too happy about it.

Sources close to the couple told People: "What causes friction in the marriage, however, is Kanye's compulsive tweeting. Kim can't stand it. She is all for self-promotion, but doesn't approve of Twitter drama." 

Kanye's recent ramblings consisted of his massive debt, asking Mark Zuckerberg for money (on Twitter, we know), education and the cost of textbooks. All random, and all very annoying.

And to make things that little bit more juicer, People also recently spoke to a source about Kim and Kanye's money.

While the couple make "a lot of money" combined, they keep their accounts "basically separate."

Kim was also ranked No. 33 on Forbes top 100 highest paid celebrities last year, with nearly $53m (€47m) in earnings.

Kanye not only didn't make the list, his supposed sum of debt is the same amount as Kim's sum of fortune. 


Everyone and their mother has been wondering what the hell is up with Kanye West at the moment.

We know he's a super busy guy, trying to juggle a high maintenance wife, two kids, a fashion line and a new album but some of his ramblings on Twitter are majorly OTT.

Not only did he declare that he thinks Bill Crosby is innocent, he also let the world know that he's $53m (€47m) in debt. Ouch.

But one website has put together a stream of his tweets and there seems to be a hidden message in them. And not any old message, no, it's a Harry Potter message.

College Humour has been trying to decipher his hastily written posts and this is what they found:

Yep, it spells out 'I AM LORD VOLDEMORT'. 

Although they aren't in order, the peeps over at College Humour think Kanye has been trying to work his magic on us.

And like he said himself, "name one genius that isn't crazy."