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Meghan Markle hasn't had her baby yet but she is planning ahead for when they are here.

The Duchess of Sussex is set to welcome her first child soon and is already asking some talented names to teach her little one some skills.

And one of them is Sir Elton John.

The iconic singer, who performed at Harry and Meghan's wedding, has been asked to teach their baby piano. 


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 A royal source said, ''Meghan and Harry adore Elton and loved him singing at their wedding.''

They continued, ''Meghan has been saying he’s the perfect person to teach their child the piano.''

They added, ''He’s apparently said he’d love to. Music is hugely important to both Meghan and Elton, so who better?!”


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Sir Elton played four songs at Harry and Meghan’s reception in May 2018 after which the prince joked, ''Does anyone here know how to play the piano?”

The 72-year-old was a close friend of Harry's mum Princess Diana and performed a tribute version of Candle in the Wind at her funeral in 1997.

He has also worked with Harry for numerous charities, particularly on HIV.

We can't wait to see how baby Sussex will take to the piano but with a teacher like Elton, they have the greatest teacher of all.



David Beckham has been taking part in the viral 22 push-up challenge after his good friend Guy Ritchie asked him to.

The footballer has kept his word so far and each day has uploaded a video… but the latest clip is probably the one we've all been waiting on.

In just his underwear (yep), David climbs on top of a piano to complete his second day of the challenge… and we're lost for words.


Mr Richie's challenge to myself day 2. @guyritchie

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In the video he says: "So this is the second day of my 22 press-ups consecutively in 22 days.

"It's for a great cause, a serious cause, for all the service men and women that take their lives every single day."

He has a guy playing piano and two glasses of red wine on top of the instrument, too. Nice touch…

Only five hours later he uploaded another clip, this time doing it in a grey shirt and hat.

Victoria Beckham is a very lucky lady.



7 year-old Elias will amaze you with his piano playing skills.