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On December 24, Charles McCarthy, a native of Co Cork, died in the Australian city of Perth following an altercation with another man.

Early reports said the father-of-two was fatally injured after a dispute broke out between himself and a fisherman he encountered while he and his wife were waiting for a taxi in the early hours of December 23.

Last week, 34-year Andrew Doan, an Australian native, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm, however according to ABC News, that charge was upgraded to murder during an appearance in Perth Magistrate's Court this morning.

Doan, who spoke only to confirm his name and enter his plea this morning, will return to court at the end of this month.

Charles is survived by his wife Nicola, and their five-year-old daughter Ciara and two-year-old son, Niall.



A father-of-two has died following an altercation in Perth shortly before Christmas.

Charlie McCarthy, originally from Co Cork, was stabbed in the head after an altercation broke out between two fishermen while he and his wife were waiting for a taxi.

According to The Irish Times, the Corkman was transferred to hospital in the aftermath of the incident where he was put on life support.

Family travelled from Ireland to the Australian city to be by Charlie's bedside, and his life support machine was switched off shortly after.

Charlie is survived by his wife Nicola, and their five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. 



In a year which saw the criminal actions of a convicted rapist appear to pale in significance to his prowess on the university swim team, it's no real surprise that a sports bar in Perth deemed it appropriate to advertise a New Year's Eve frat night with banners advising the public 'You teach her morals, We teach her oral."

In a year when a presidential candidate can admit he grabs women 'by the p*ssy' and still secure himself a place in the White House, it's hardly shocking that a random bar thought it was OK to assure the public that while their couches may pull out, they sure as hell don't.

I mean, it's just how we roll these days, right?

In a move which many found abhorrent and countless others saw as nothing more than locker room banter, Perth's Brass Monkey Hotel considered the promotion of rape culture a fitting indication of what the final night of 2016 may bring their patrons should they decide to cross the treshold.

Hanging banners from the building's exterior, staff perfectly illustrated that no matter how many cases of rape culture are brought to the public's attention day in and day out, there will always – always – be another one waiting just around the corner.

While the hotel's banners have, indeed, made global headlines today and the establishment in question has issued an apology, how many of us can say we're truly shocked by their initial actions?

Yes, we're outraged that they considered it an accurate representation of the night to come, we're sickened that they were apparently unable to see the implications of their words, and we're utterly appalled that they could use sexual violence against women as a method to promote their business, but are we truly shocked that yet another rape culture case has emerged?

Unfortunately, not.

Earlier this year, three studies were conducted among men in an effort to see how many were able to differentiate between 'jokes' featured in so-called lad's mags, and remarks made by convicted rapists.

And the answer? Well, it's worrying… but is it surprising?

The findings, published in the Psychology of Men and Masculinity, established that hundreds of those surveyed were unable to decide whether remarks normalising – and indeed condoning – the rape and sexual assault of women were actual testimony or fodder found in magazines aimed at men.

When a young man's swimming times appear to take precedence over a young woman's right to bodily autonomy, is a banner outside some backward pub Down Under going to leave us reeling?

When the future President of the United States of America can admit to sexual assault and still get voted in, will the actions of a few hotel staff thousands of miles away really leave us shellshocked?

And when Facebook users applaud the actions of the Brass Monkey Hotel by writing "I saw the signs and I laughed my ass off', are we really going to be scandalised when a similar case emerges next week?

Regrettably, no.



It is being reported that two men from Northern Ireland were killed in a workplace accident in Perth, Western Australia.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the men were both in their 20s and were in Australia on work visas. One was from Co Tyrone and the other was from Co Derry.

Media in Australia reported the men were crushed under at least one concrete panel which fell from a truck as it was being unloaded. The incident is believed to have occurred on a construction site in East Perth at 11.30am local time (3.30am Irish time). 

The site was evacuated and the street was closed to allow emergency services access to the scene.

West Australian Newspaper journalist Claire Tyrrell told RTE Radio One's Today the two men are understood to have been on a cigarette break when the incident occurred.

"It is believed the truck, because it was being unloaded, was unbalanced and as a panel was taken off one side, the panel on the other side fell off," she said. 

Jaxon Construction, issued a statement offering “heartfelt thoughts and condolences” to the families, loved ones and colleagues of the men.

“We are co-operating fully with the relevant authorities and will make further announcements as additional information becomes available,” the company said. “Site works have been halted until further notice and the site is now in the hands of relevant authorities.”

The construction company, which has been in operation for over 50 years, has never experienced a fatality among its workers.

“Our workforce is grieving and our focus is on supporting the families and those affected. As a mark of respect, and to fully support our employees, all Jaxon sites will be closed tomorrow,” the company said. 

A man working in the Grill and Chill restaurant across from the building described seeing the incident happen.

“We started working in the restaurant and then we heard a noise,” Vikas Verma told the West Australian newspaper.

He said he saw a large concrete panel being lifted off the side of a truck by a crane and said it appeared to unbalance the truck, which was holding four slabs on its other side.

“Two slabs fell down onto the ground,” he said. “I saw someone in fluorescent clothing underneath the slabs.” 

Inspectors from the state government’s industrial safety body, WorkSafe, are reported to have begun an investigation.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin said it was aware of the case and ready to provide consular assistance.



Police in Perth are reportedly on the hunt for a group pf nine men who have been spotted driving motorised picnic tables along the roads of Scarborough Beach.

While many other people are finding this not quite high speed chase highly amusing, Western Australia Police are not.

Photos and videos of the men driving along Scarborough Beach Road towards a section of the West Coast Highway have gone viral on social media. 

Police are putting a call out on Facebook requesting help to identify those involved.

"Police are concerned for the safety of those riding on the tables with no protective clothing, especially when on roads alongside motor vehicles," Western Australia Police said. 

The police said those involved "could face a number of charges including driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving an unroadworthy vehicle and drink driving".

Definitely not suited for driving in busy roads we agree, but we also can’t help but wonder who thought this was going to be a good idea.

Also, where does one find a motorised picnic table?