Not a morning person? Here’s how to break your worst sleepy habits

Some of us are just not morning people. While many are happy to jump out of bed and attack the day as soon as the dawn breaks, more of us would rather just snooze until the last possible minute.

If you are someone who faces the daily struggle of being a functioning member of society before midday, then we found some interesting facts for you. If you thought that you were doomed to the constant rush of having slept through your alarm you were wrong.

It might have something to do with the items hanging around your home, not your lack of passion for early morning commutes after all.

Your snacks:

Foods loaded with simple carbs and sugar with cause blood sugar levels to spike and drop which will contribute to you feeling more tired over time.

Is your house chilly?

Some studies found that optimum temperatures for sleep are actually pretty cool. So if you keep your home colder than most, you could find yourself tempted to crawl back under the duvet for warmth and a nap.

To the windooooooow:

A study on office workers found that those who were exposed to more natural light during the day would sleep on average 46 minutes more per night. Those who were not slept less and felt less rested during the day.

Scented candles:

Yes these are very relaxing and lovely, but they can also make you feel sleepy during the day. A study found that people who sniffed lavender before going to bed slept more soundly then those who didn’t. So maybe ditch the candles during the day.

Your clutter:

A study found that people who spent time in a messy or disorganised environment would spend mental energy on stress, which made them feel more tired. So it might be time to clear off that chair we all have sitting somewhere in our room.