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As you might have guessed, we are major chocolate lovers here at SHEmazing! so naturally we were incredibly excited to learn that Mars is set to release caramel flavoured M&Ms.

At first glance it may seem strange that the chocolate giant has never attempted to channel this much loved flavour into its famed red and yellow sweets before, but this is actually because creating the right caramel for the job has taken Mars years of planning.

According to Delish, engineers were tasked with finding a caramel which would fill M&Ms without causing the iconic treats to collapse.

This process was very time heavy, but at long last chocolatiers are confident that caramel flavoured M&Ms are good enough to join the brand’s permanent collection.

While it is not yet clear when they will arrive in Ireland, the new M&Ms will hit US stores in May 2017.


Well, we can say goodbye to sweets as we know them because a major change is about to happen.

A press release was issued by parent company Mars, Inc, which said that all artificial colours will be removed from over 50 of the chocolates, gum, foods, drinks, and confections that the company makes. 

They are replacing them with all natural alternatives that the company has to source with the help of its suppliers.

So, that means M&M's, Snickers, Wrigley's chewing gum and Skittles are all about to change.

It's a good thing that artificial colours are becoming a thing of the past, but the same issue happened with an American cereal brand, and let's just say, it looked very different, indeed:

But don't run out to your local shop and buy a lifetime stash of Snickers just yet. The change is going to take up to five years to complete, so we still have loads of time to munch down on our goodies.