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You haven't seen true thirst until you've witnessed the fan response to the new Shawn Mendes x Calvin Klein collaboration.

The Stitches singer has recently embarked on a world tour since releasing his new album, and is taking the globe by storm with endearing personality.

Those abdominal muscles are obviously having some kind of witchcraft effect on his followers, we think a few ambulances may need to be called after the #MyCalvins campaign dropped…

The video has been viewed over 400,000 times and his Instagram images have garnered over six million likes already. My God, the lad is popular enough with his shirt on, so this is just explosive.

The video shows lil baby Shawn talking about "his truth," which is the slogan for the campaign, alongside Billie Eilish clips. It's fairly cute, we have to say, and features Mendes maturely discussing his vulnerability as a young rising star:

 "I think the real strength is putting yourself out there, whether that's in your music or just in life in general. I'm vulnerable, and I think that's a good thing." Slay that toxic masculinity, young grasshopper. Fight the patriarchy.

We're highly entertained by the fan response on Twitter, so we've picked out our favourite comedic tweets for your viewing. We hope you laugh as much as we did…

1. Statue of SLAY-vid…

2. 'The Gays' are hyperventilating

3. While some fans claimed that their ovaries exploded, others just jumped straight to immaculate conception:

4. Even his fellow celebrities couldn't handle the heat;

5. The chap is trying to end our lives with nudity as his weapon:

6. "My heart has had enough"…some fans had to resort to blocking him:

7. The pain is too tangible for most followers:


9. Is there a doctor in the room?:

10. Give a girl some warning please? Rude?:

It's official: Shawn has no respect for his fans and simply wants them to die a death staring at him forever and ever Amen.

We're loving his interview for the campaign, though. He's grown up before our very eyes:

"No matter how much money you have, no matter how much anything you have you’ll never be able to form into something you’re not, so just be confident”. 

Feature image: Instagram/@shawnmendes


You may have noticed while rifling through the Instagram photos of this years amazing Met Gala, fashion's biggest night, that the full Kardashian clan did NOT attend.

Allegedly, Anna Wintour isn't exactly Khloe's number one fan, as RadarOnline.com has exclusively discovered that she was the only member not to receive an invite to this years ball. Yikes.

The 34-year-old was apparently blacklisted from the event as the infamous Vogue editor-in-chief “thinks that she is too C-list to be there."


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Khloe's sister Kourtney didn't attend the Met Gala either, and both siblings are the only ones who have never graced the Met red carpet. As it happens, both Khloe and Kourtney are single now, 

The insider said, “Khloe and Kourtney have never been invited to the Met Gala, but Kourtney was invited to this one and chose to stay home with Khloe because she didn’t want to leave her alone.”

Khloe's sister Kim Kardashian, as well as Kylie and Kendall Jenner and their momager Kris, all attended the event alongside Kanye West and Travis Scott. Khloe and Kourt seemed pretty far away from the gossip:

Instagram: @khloekardashian

Khloe's Instagram story depicted the mum at home with her daughter, True Thompson. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is recently single following the  crazyTristan Thompson cheating drama from February.

People reported that the TV star has moved on; “Khloé is great. Her heartbreak seems to have passed and her mood is much lighter. Although she really wanted Tristan to come around, grow up and be a man, she seems to have realised that she’s much better off now. Everyone is happy to see her happier.”

Kourtney looked like she was busy hanging at a resort last Sunday instead of snuggling up to Anna Wintour like Kim. Kourt and Khloe were miles away from the NYC bustle.


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Kourtney is also dating casually, despite revealing that herself and co-parent Scott Disick were 'soulmates'. Disick is busy dating 20-year-old model Sofia Richie, 

People claimed last week that, “As much as people would love there to be, there isn’t any drama between Scott, Sofia and Kourtney. They spend a ton of time together, and Kourtney is comfortable with Sofia around the kids.”

37-year-old Kim is very close with Wintour, and has appeared on Vogue. She also hasn’t missed a Met Gala in over five years, and her husband Kanye is equally involved in fashion through his brand, Yeezy.


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“Kim lives for the event and she would never want her Kardashian sisters there because that would take the attention away from her,” the source told Radar. “Everyone in the family knows that it is Kim’s night. She literally talks about it all year long.”

Kim was the first family member to bag an invite to the prestigious event when she attended as Kanye's plus one back in 2013. She opened up about her feeling of intense insecurity, but she's never looked back.

"2013 Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. I was Kanye’s plus one & so nervous! I didn’t know anyone & I’m sure no one wanted me there lol. I did my own lipstick & the colour is so off. I went home & cried after insecurity," she Tweeted.

This year, the beauty mogul pretty much ignored the theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion and enticed Thierry Mugler out of retirement to create her dripping water drop dress.

The design looked painted on to Kim's insanely hourglass figure, working the wet latex look. She later changed into a turquoise-blue dress and crystal wig:


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Kim's clearly very devoted to the fashionista event, with her adoration of the fashion world aligning with Kanye's. 

It's a shame about Khloe and Kourtney, but they seem pretty chuffed to be chilling outside of Manhattan. We don't feel overly sorry for the millionaire moguls, we're sure they're doing just fine.

Feature image: Instagram/@khloekardashian


Tonights Met Gala celebrations in aid of The Costume Institute at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is an absolute smorgasbord of iconic, out-there fashion moments.

However, one of the most memorable looks came from the one and only Lady Gaga, who was one of the very first to arrive at the event. 

Sweeping on to the powder pink carpet, Gaga completely embodied the gala's theme: Camp: Notes On Fashion.

It was already guaranteed that with a theme like that, the style needed to be showstopping, and in typical Gaga fashion, she stepped it up with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR iconic looks. 


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Each look was more stripped back than the last. Arriving on the pink carpet, Gaga truly made her mark in a billowing, oversized pink gown with a huge train. 

The dress was so huge, it had to be manoeuvred through the entrance by an entourage of umbrella-holding, suit-wearing men, who posed around Gaga as the ultimate accessories. 

Lady G's look was all about metamorphosis. In her huge pink number, she donned theatrically long metallic eyelashes and and over sized pink bow on her head.

As she ascended the steps of the Met, her umbrella-weilding assistants gracefully danced to her sides and began removing her billowing pink coverings, to reveal an asymmetrical, black gown beneath it. 


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Many assumed that Gaga was finished here, but no. Beneath the black satin dress, complete with a sweetheart bustier, was another dress too. 

Her pink bow hat was also removed at this point, revealing a blonde bobbed haircut with dainty twists at the crown. 

Her troupe began pulling at the black ball gown, and quickly unravelled it to showcase the streamlined, bubblegum pink dress beneath.

It was now that Gaga began really putting her acting skills to work. Her assistants began handing her some accessories for the pink column dress, including an oversized, diamond studded pair of sunglasses and a very 90s looking giant mobile phone, 

This portion of the proceedings was very reminiscent of her The Fame era, where OTT sunnies and kitch accessories were a standard in the Gaga fashion package. 


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Her finale look was about the be revealed. Breaking free from her fuchsia pink constraint, Gaga stripped down to her underwear to reveal a classic Gaga look – perfectly fitting black lingerie teamed with breathtakingly high platform heels and diamond encrusted fishnet tights. 

It's an outfit we have seen in both Gaga videos and performances, but on the pink carpet, she added a wheel-along pink bar cart, emblazoned with a Haus of Gaga motif. 

The bar cart appeared to be chock a block with champagne, before it was wheeled away by one of her minions to allow Gaga to pose passionately, sprawled out on the steps of the museums' entryway. 


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Gaga is one of the hosts of the Met Gala 2019, and she certainly proved her Camp credentials. 

While many celebs did not commit to the theme on the night, there is no denying that Gaga took it to a whole other level. 

Feature image: Instagram / ladygaga_goddess