Left-handed people don't have it easy.

From the dreaded pencil smudges they lived with in primary school to the awkward high-fives they're forced to endure, it's not easy being a leftie.

But perhaps the fact they're smarter – mathematically speaking –  than right-handed folk may cushion the blow somewhat, right?

According to a research put forth by IFL Science, the right side of a left-handed individual's brain is larger which means their spatial awareness and mental representation of objects is pretty damn good.

Further to this, they have bigger corpus callosums – the area of the brain responsible for connecting the two brain hemispheres.

And what does this mean exactly? Well, it means they are generally capable of processing information at a much faster pace than their right-handed peers.

With the help of 2,300 students, researchers conducted a number of experiments and ultimately concluded that when it comes to mathematical problem-solving, left-handed people performed better than right-handed.

But if you're a right-handed person and feeling pretty put out right now, fear not. The folk behind the research are at pains to stress that only one-third of people with an overly developed right side of the brain are left-handed

This means that there are lots of right-handed people with a similar brain function, so you know, chin up.