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Following nationwide outrage over the decision to give ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital to the Religious Sisters of Charity, the group have given up ownership of St Vincent’s Healthcare Group.

Further to this, they will have no involvement in the maternity hospital on its campus.

According to emerging reports this morning, the healthcare group confirm that the Religious Sisters of Charity have relinquished their share.

Releasing a statement on the matter, St Vincent's Healthcare Group, said: “The nature of the Sisters' involvement in their healthcare operations has altered significantly in recent decades, from predominantly unsalaried healthcare professionals to the situation today where they have no direct involvement in the provision of healthcare."

"Consequently, the Sisters have for many years been engaged in an on-going strategic review of their healthcare facilities, especially SVHG.

"This has involved finding the way forward that best perpetuates the vision and values of Mary Aikenhead, which are dignity, compassion, justice, quality and advocacy.”

"The outcome of the process is that the Religious Sisters of Charity believe the future continued success of SVHG, and perpetuating the vision and values of Mary Aikenhead, can best be ensured by relinquishing their shareholding in SVHG, and transferring ownership of the group to a newly formed company with charitable status to be called "St. Vincent's."

Confirming the news, the Religious Sisters of Charity explained their stance on the matter.

"We believe that the future continued success of SVHG can best be ensured by our transferring ownership of the group to a newly formed company with charitable status to be called 'St Vincent’s'.”

"We are confident that the board, management and staff of SVHG will continue to maintain a steadfast dedication to providing the best possible acute healthcare to patients and their families in line with the values espoused by Mary Aikenhead.”



It was revealed today that ownership of the new €300 million National Maternity Hospital will be given to religious order The Sisters Of Charity, according to The Irish Times.

The order will be awarded responsibility for the new state-funded facility, which will be built near Elm Park in South Dublin.

The Sisters of Charity was one order of many who were ordered by the Ryan commission investigation to pay €5m to the state redress scheme for victims of institutional abuse in the Magdalene Laundries. 

The organisation still owes €3m of the sum, which was agreed upon in 2002. 

In 2013, four religious congregations including The Sisters of Charity, which were associated with Magdalene laundries, announced that they would not be making any further payments redress scheme for women who had been in the laundries, according to The Irish Times.

Irish citizens have taken to Twitter to express their outrage against the order having "sole ownership" of the new maternity hospital. 

"A state-funded hospital to be given to Sisters of Charity. The lack of respect of those who suffered is appalling," said one.

"Sisters of Charity to be 'sole owner' of National Maternity Hospital? What year is this? Separate church & state," said another. 

A statement from the Department of Health says that the hospital will not prescribe to any religious distinction. 

"It is correct that the land on which the new maternity hospital will be built is owned by the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group and that the Sisters of Charity are a major shareholder in the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group," reads the statement.

"The identity and ethos of the current NMH will be retained."

"The new company will have clinical and operational independence in the provision of maternity, gynaecology and neonatal services, without religious, ethnic or other distinction, as well as financial and budgetary independence."



As the economic crisis continues apace in struggling Venezuela, hospitals are rapidly running out of cash. 

Indeed, one maternity unit – where some 4,000 babies have been born this year alone – has been forced to place sleeping newborns in cardboard boxes due to the lack of suitable cots. 

The images – believed to be captured anonymously by medics at the hospital – we're shared online by human rights campaigner and academic Manuel Ferreira. They have now caused outrage in the South American country. 

Local media reports state that the photos show the inside of the Domingo Guzman Lander hospital in Barcelona, in the north-eastern state of Anzoategui.

Douglas Leon, president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation, claimed some hospitals are working with just five percent of the medical equipment that they actually need.

Venezuela is currently in the midst of the worst economic crisis in its history. The oil-rich country has declared a state of emergency as ordinary families go without food.

Supermarkets are largely empty and looting by angry mobs is widespread. With inflation running at 500 percent, unemployment is pushing towards 20 percent.

According to Transparency International, Venezuela remains the ninth most corrupt country in the world.