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People have been asked to not post any images or footage of the fatal accident that occurred on the M50 yesterday.

Around 11:30am yesterday morning, gardai and emergency services were called to the scene of a multi-vehicle collision on a slip road just off the M50 at Junction 5 in Finglas.

A woman in her 30s sadly passed away after her car collided with another, being driven by a man in his 50s.

Shortly after the crash, images began to circulate online.

The man was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and minor damage was caused to a truck and a third car.

Gardaí yesterday asked people not to share the images out of respect to the woman’s family and the other people involved.

Independent Senator Lynn Ruane is among those how have taken to social media to ask people to please refrain form posting the distressing images.

Lynn, a family friend of the victim, wrote, ''My friend has lost his sister and the last thing his family need right now is an image of the accident.''

She also asked anyone who sees photos of the incident to share the URL link with her.

She continued, ''Facebook has created a digital fingerprint for the images that will prevent them from being re-uploaded to the site but it still need links to remove the images from any networks on which they remain. The loss of a loved one so sudden is traumatic enough without the added trauma of an image.''

Gardaí have said that some motorists were “slowing down unnecessarily while passing the scene” of the incident and causing delays.

If anyone has any information, please contact Finglas Garda Station 01 666 7500 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.


Commuters are facing traffic chaos this evening as emergency services deal with two major incidents on the M50.

Traffic has come to a standstill and motorists are being warned to expect serious delays.

The middle and right lanes at J11 Tallaght are blocked as a result of a four car pile up. Gardaí and emergency services are at the scene and diversions are in place.

A second incident on the M50 northbound just before the M1 interchange has left three lanes blocked.

Meanwhile, AA Roadwatch are reporting heavy delays on the M50 southbound “due to onlookers to the crash”.

It is not known yet if anyone has been seriously injured following the collisions.



According to emerging reports, an estimated €100,000 worth of damage has been done after a man cut a series of wires on the M50 Northbound toll bridge last night.

It has been confirmed that the individual cut the cables at approximately 9.30pm in a move which ultimately rendered tag-readers useless and therefore allowed motorists to pass through 'toll-free'.

The motorway was shut down while Gardaí negotiated with the man who was subsequently arrested and detained under the provisions of Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984.

The individual, who was taken to Blanchardstown Garda Station, will appear in court later today.

Speaking to The Independent, a source confirmed that the damage brought about by his actions would 'cause a huge loss of revenue. 

"The value of damage to the cameras on the gantry and loss of revenue is huge, estimated to be over €100k."

Speaking to SHEmazing, Gardaí said: "Gardaí at Blanchardstown are investigating an incident of criminal damage which occurred at the gantry of the eflow barrier on the M50 northbound at approximately 9.30pm last night."

"A 48 year old man gained access to the gantry barrier. The M50 was closed for a time to enable Garda negotiators to communicate with this man. After a short period of time the man left the gantry and was subsequently arrested by Gardaí."

It has been reported that a video documenting the act was shared on social media last night.



It is an unfortunate regular occurrence that we decide to take the M50 to our mates gaff and then completely forget to pay the bloomin' toll by 8pm the next day. 

When those white envelopes arrive in our postbox, we are filled with a knowing sense of fear. 

But we ALWAYS pay our fine. 

Well, one cheeky motorist has purposefully tried to evade paying the dreaded toll but he should have known that there is simply no messing with eFlow. 

And it seems that most of us have accepted this fact as the compliance rate for paying the charge is at 96.7%. 

Despite this, that still leaves a massive €1.5 million worth of tolls unpaid every year. 

The motorist in question managed to rack up a €25,000 fine as the State has been forced to take serious action against those refusing to cough up the toll fare. 

The high fine rate given to one motorist was the result of five separate convictions in which the judge applied a €5,000 euro charge on each case as the recipient had failed to turn up in court. 

And according to eFlow, there are a number of "hardcore offenders" who have each racked up over a hundred unpaid tolls. There has also been 46 vehicle seizures. 

These people have clearly not figured the automatic debiting system online because it's the greatest thing EVER. 

Pay your toll people.



Earlier this week a crash on the M50 motorway caused the road to be closed for several hours and left many commuters stuck in traffic until the early afternoon.

A woman was critically injured in the incident involving her car and two trucks. Today the news has come that passed away after suffering serious injuries. 


Following the crash, which took over Irish social media for the majority of Wednesday morning, one Irish woman’s poignant Facebook post went viral.

She urged people to think about others before themselves after the accident. 

Lira Marie Maher, a former model and business woman, lost her own father in a tragic collision only four months ago. She appeared on Ireland AM on Thursday morning and said she was “completely overwhelmed” with the reaction to her post.

She explained: I saw posts on Facebook with people ranting and raving about the traffic and I just thought it was a disgrace that no one would take a second to think of the woman who was injured." 

Lisa added that she knew what that woman’s family were going through and noted:

“We race through life, always in a rush… We should take a step back and say, life is more than this.”

She has urged people to think about others before themselves, adding: I'm not looking for an apology, but if this makes people stop and reassess themselves then that's a job well done”.



Just when you thought the traffic problems were dying down, a cow (yes, a COW) is now loose on the M50. 

Les Kennedy kindly tweeted a picture of the cow to alert other drivers about the inconvenience on the road between Juction 17 M11 and Junction 5 Bray North. 

This comes after a morning of hectic traffic conditions which saw a major collision between a car and a truck. A woman was left fighting for her life following the crash near Juction 7 Lucan.

The woman was taken to Tallaght Hospital for treatment with police saying her condition is still critical. 

Then, just three hours later there was another collision between two cars on J6 Blanchardstown, which means commuters faced further delays.